03 April 2020

Friday 03 April 2020

You’ve made it to the end of the second week and it’s been lovely to hear from some of you throughout the week. Over the next two weeks, you will be able to choose from a selection of activities rather than completing different tasks set each day. This is because it is the Easter holidays, although it will probably feel slightly different to your normal Easter break. If you would like to send me any pictures of your learning or anything fun you’ve been getting up to, then it would be great to hear from you. Here is a reminder of my email address: nataliebeatson@spherefederation.org .

Have a look on the Newsround  website to find out ‘how to BOSS being stuck at home’.

Answers to yesterday’s learning:

Year 5 answers

Year 6 answers 

Maths task

Today’s learning is multiplication problems. The answers are at the bottom of the sheet so you can mark your answers.

Year 5

Year 6

Writing task:

Grammar revision all about pronouns. The answers are at the end of the document.

Reading task:

First News

Today, there are no set comprehension questions; I would simply like you to enjoy reading. However, if you like, you could complete one (or more) of the following tasks…

  1. Read the paper with someone in your house and discuss the articles you’ve read.
  2. Do the same as above but with a friend from school over the phone.
  3. Respond creatively to one of the articles you’ve read (a bit like a creative homework).
  4. Interview someone in your house, or someone over the phone, and write your own news article about what you find out.