Home learning (03 April 2020)

Friday 03 April 2020

Yesterday’s post featured advice to support your child to stay safe online, and a second round of our Red Herring game. Today, we talk about home learning over the Easter period, and provide the answers to Red Herring.

Here’s a reminder of what’s happening for the next fortnight…

Today’s the last day of the Spring term so it’s the last day of the daily home learning tasks for now. We’ll still help you to support your child at home, but things will be a bit different:

Teachers will return to daily home learning tasks on Monday 20 April.

For children of key workers, and for children deemed vulnerable in some way, Scholes (Elmet) Primary and Moortown Primary remain open through the holiday, including on the bank holidays. (Thank you to all teachers who have agreed to work these days.)

If your child isn’t keen on one or two of the suggestions, or you want to supplement the activities with more, we’ve two great new resources that you can check out…

Get learning Maths on the move! These active learning resources which will help your child keep active while learning at home. There are ten activities for each phase: Y1,2 and Y3,4 and Y5,6.

Food – a Fact for Life (FFL) has lots of resources for teaching your child about where food comes from, cooking and healthy eating. There’s a lot to look at here, separated into different age ranges and different types of learning: healthy eating, cooking, where food comes from and food commodities. Each age range has loads of worksheets that you can download, too – we’d recommend talking through this with your child to come up with a sequence of learning activities. Check out FFL’s recipes, too!

We’ve added both of these to our home learning menu.

And now, the answers to Red Herring…

We asked you to identify the red herring statement about the admin team from Sphere Federation…

Mrs O’Malley, Sphere Resources Manager based at Moortown:

Miss Pallister, Admin Assistant at Scholes (Elmet):

Mrs Quirk, Sphere Resources Manager based at Scholes (Elmet):

Mrs Russell, Admin Assistant at Moortown:

Mrs Walshaw, Admin Assistant at St James’: