22 April 2020 : Home learning

Wednesday 22 April 2020

Bonjour! We often like to say hello in different ways during the register. Which other ways do you know?

Remember to read today.


Look at the repeating patterns. Copy and complete them.

Challenge : Make some shape/colour repeating patterns of your own. Look around your house to see if there are any more repeating patterns you can see?


Look at the funny postcard. Write a list of words that you can see in the postcard. Use your phonics and knowledge of tricky words to spell the words you use.

Challenge : Write sentences describing what is happening in the picture.

Topic – History

Read the information about the Queen.

Answer the questions.

  1. What is the Queen’s full name?
  2. How many children does the Queen have?
  3. Who are two of her grandchildren?
  4. How long has she been the Queen for?
  5. What doesn’t the Queen need?

The bear from yesterday belonged to Mrs Latham. She got it in about 1978 when she was a little girl (well before Miss Harker was born), over 40 years ago ! She called it Barnaby and played with it a lot. It was special because it could suck its thumbs and toes.