Home learning and other support (24 April 2020)

Friday 24 April 2020

We’ve reached Friday – the end of the first week of the Summer Term. Well done for supporting your child with their learning for another week. Now it’s the weekend, hopefully you and your child will get out of the house to enjoy some nice weather – respecting social distancing, of course!

We’ll end the week with some links to sites with great deals on to make sure your child continues to read lots – the most important thing they should be doing in terms of home learning. There’s also a brief reference to safeguarding which Leeds City Council has asked us to publish for all our parents, and some more writing from our older children across Sphere Federation.


Oxford Owl are offering free e-books from their reading scheme. All you have to do is register and you can read them on phones, tablets and computers. It lets you filter by phonics stage or by age so easy to use! Email your child’s teacher if you’re not sure what phonics phase your child has reached.

Similarly, a lot of publishers have reduced the cost of their ebooks. For example, Usbourne are selling ebooks for 99p. (I like the look of The Girl who Speaks Bear!)


There’s been a lot of information sent out over the past few weeks about online safety. At a time when your child might be online more often than they would normally, it really has to be a priority. The content of this latest guidance has come from Leeds Safeguarding Team and it contains some useful contacts;  please use these contacts if you’re concerned about anything your child encounters online or if you have any other safeguarding concerns.

And some words from our older children

Here’s a good re-cap of our home-learning from Bo, writing as me. It’s very well written!

Due to Covid-19, we will not be in school for the time being. Your child should still be being educated though. Every day, we send out three pieces of home learning for your child to complete (this is on the school website). Whilst this learning is revision, we fully understand that some children may struggle with some of the tasks. We also understand that some parents may struggle to help their child so we have a solution. On the website, you can find your child’s teacher’s email address. If you need anything, we’re always here to help and will try to reply to your message as soon as possible. We hope this helps and enjoy your tasks.

And a nice summary of good advice from Ellis:

As the Covid-19 lockdown continues, I would like to offer advice and support to parents and our students. In the first few weeks, we have learned a lot and adapted quickly – thank you for the support from the staff, parents and children.

From the feedback received, I’d like to offer the following helpful hints and tips for the coming weeks:

  • Make every day a fun day
  • Ensure you have a good routine – include snacks and break times
  • If you have older children, ask them to help
  • Ask your friends from school (but not in person)

We hope this helps.

Ellis’s final point is a good idea – we’re hearing about lots of successful learning time sessions where older children meet up online to discuss the learning together. Just make sure these sessions are done in a space where you can keep an eye on things, too.