29 April 2020: Home learning

Tuesday 28 April 2020

Hello there! Halfway through the week! If you want to listen to a story after you have done all your hard work, then go to our Y3&4 Class News page where you’ll find a video of me reading a book!

Maths: Yesterday’s answers – Year 3 and Year 4.

Today’s learning:

Year 3 video learning and worksheet. Today you will be heading to Bitesize to complete your task and the first activity that they have listed.

Year 4 video learning  and Y4 worksheet.

Reading: Today’s task is a reading comprehension.  Read through the text and answer the questions. (The answers are on the second sheet.)

Writing: Last week, we watched the video of the impala escaping from the leopard. (You could always watch it again if you want to!) This week, we have some pictures of some other animals escaping from their predators. Choose one of the pictures, or use your own ideas, to answer the questions about an attack and escape (just like you did last week with the video.) Can you use your notes to retell the story of the narrow escape? You may want to write some sentences that you can use tomorrow when we will write the story of the narrow escape.