08 May 2020: Home Learning

Thursday 07 May 2020

Happy Friday!

Today is a bank holiday – a time where you may be spending extra time with your families and celebrating VE day. VE day stands for Victory in Europe Day and it is celebrated on 8th May – the day when World War  II ended in Europe in 1945.

If you would like to do some learning about VE day, there are a few tasks below that you can do and a few extra fun things based around VE day.

Watch this BBC video to find out more about VE Day.

The Royal Mint has released a special £2 coin to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day. This Newsround article explains more about this. Once you’ve read the information, have a go at designing your own £2 coin to mark this occasion.

How about doing some war time baking? In WWII, lots of the food was rationed to ensure there was enough to go around, so people had to bake using different ingredients. Does anything take your fancy? I think the chocolate cake sounds delicious!

How about becoming a medal designer? Lots of medals were handed out during and at the end of WWII. Do you have what it takes to be the designer of an important medal?

How about flying a spitfire plane? The Spitfire is the most famous plane of World War Two. Its groundbreaking design and superior specifications gave the British a decisive advantage fighting the Luftwaffe.

Please do send me any pictures of you celebrating VE day and let me know how you’re doing- have a great day!