13 May 2020: Home Learning

Tuesday 12 May 2020

Good morning- I hope you’re all staying happy and healthy. Please email me if you have any questions about the home learning or you would like to send me any pictures of your learning.

Today’s learning…..

Y5 maths: regular and irregular polygons

Well done to Sofia, who emailed me her fantastic maths learning from yesterday all about polygons. I love her presentation too- very neat and colourful!

Today, you are going to continue to learn about regular and irregular polygons. Use the video from yesterday to support you. Complete the task.

Y6 maths: ratio and proportion

Yesterday, you followed a White Rose lesson all about ratio and proportion. Today, complete this fluency sheet. Choose which level you want to do (first page easiest) and then mark your work with the answers at the end.

Challenge cards

Writing: reports

Think of your favourite celebrity, musician, sportsperson or hero. Write a formal report about them. Follow this online lesson to find out how to do this. I would love to read some of your reports, so please email me your writing!

Geography: trade and economic activity

BBC Bitesize 

Follow the learning and have a go at the quiz tasks 1 and 2.