Writing is fun!

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Any marks that your child makes is part of their writing process. Children can develop their writing skills through play. For example, set up a cafe at home so they can write menus, recipes or order lists. This writing has a purpose and it more meaningful. As an adult, when you are writing, explain to your child what you are writing about and show them. Children are inquisitive and like to watch you write.

Mark making doesn’t just have to involve paper!
Here’s a video with some ideas.

More Ideas!
Set up a writing area at home similar to the one in our classroom.
You could use: pens, crayons, pencils, post it notes, different types of paper, old birthday cards and speech bubbles.

Use Duplo or Lego to make patterns or letter shapes.

Use a roll of wall paper and lay it on the floor.
This will allow your child to make bigger marks.

Make marks in rice! You could colour the rice using food colouring.