22 May 2020: Home Learning

Thursday 21 May 2020

  1. Use the letter formation sheet to practise writing each letter. Say the sound as you write them.
  2. Play Phase 4 ‘Alien Escape’ On Phonics Bloom:



Literacy Activity – Story Time with Mrs Allen-Kelly

The Magic Paintbrush by Julia Donaldson

This week’s Story time book, comes with Literacy activities you can choose from.

1.    Listen to the story by clicking the link below: 

The Magic Paintbrush

2. Have a look at the questions and activities linked to today’s story (Word Doc. attached):

The Magic Paintbrush activities


Maths Activity

  1. Practise finding 17 on the number line, then show how you would find one more / one less.

2. This week we have been looking at ‘fair shares’ which we also call sharing equally. Have a go at helping Curious George with his ‘Fair Shares’ by completing the online game: