04 June 2020: F2 Home Learning

Wednesday 03 June 2020

1.Sing the tricky word songs

2.Practise writing the tricky words:
they    was      my     you     all     be

3. Pirate Parrot Tricky Word Colouring


  1. Watch the Numberblock 18 video.
  2. Mathematical graphics – Can you draw 18 in different ways?

Things your child could draw to show 18:

**Challenge** Use objects at home to solve the following problems.
1.  Can 12 be shared equally?
2. Can 15 be shared equally?
3. Can 16 be shared equally?

Book of the week: The Rainbow Fish

1.Listen to the story of the week.
2.Use the rainbow animal you drew yesterday to draw your own Rainbow Fish story. You could draw a story map.

Parents: Here is an example of a story map