10 June 2020: Home learning

Tuesday 09 June 2020

Hi everyone. Half way through the week already? Wow! Here’s today’s activities. Have fun!


Y3 – Consolidate your learning on unit and non-unit fractions by watching the following link. There is a quiz at the beginning and at the end, so get ready. Throughout the video you will be asked to pause and write down some answers on a piece of paper.

Y4 – Yesterday’s answers. Today we are continuing to problem-solve. Here is today’s video activity.

Reading: Possible answers to yesterday’s reading task. Today’s video learning and activity sheet.

Living and Learning : How did you get on with yesterday’s reflection of Lockdown? Today we are going to build on your conversations of yesterday. Today’s video and worksheet.

Story: Mixed, read by Mrs Welsby    Mixed story PDF (with printable resources) This story raises questions about race and diversity. First News have released an ‘I Don’t Get It’ video made in partnership with Sky, asking why racism is still a big issue in our world. This resource aims to help you understand this global crisis. Watch here