01 July 2020: Home learning

Tuesday 30 June 2020

Pinch, punch, first of the month – can’t believe we’re in July already! Let’s start the month with a workout that reminds us of nouns and noun phrases.

What is your new healthy choice for today? (Don’t forget that you can look back to Monday’s post for ideas!)


Year 3: In this lesson you will learn some efficient methods for solving addition and subtraction problems using three-digit numbers. The activities will teach you written methods for addition and subtraction, often called ‘column methods’. However, sometimes it makes more sense to solve some additions and subtractions using a mental method. The problems in this lesson all involve adding or subtracting multiples of ten, and the numbers are chosen carefully so that you can use a mental method to solve them.

Year 4: In today’s video lesson, we are looking at subtracting fractions.

Reading: Here is today’s video lesson and activity. Today we are answering comprehension questions. The answers are on the last two pages so make sure you don’t peek!

Science: This week we are learning about the life cycle of a plant. Here’s the video lesson from Oak National Academy. (I think I might have posted the wrong one last week – sorry!)

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