16 July 2020: Home learning

Wednesday 15 July 2020

Good morning – it’s your penultimate day of year 3 and year 4. How are you feeling about having finished (nearly!) the school year? It’s been a funny old year and Mrs Welsby and I are definitely missing teaching you all.


School trip

Today, we’re jetting off on a plane all the way to Seattle. Seattle is a seaport on the west coast of the United States. We’re heading to Seattle Aquarium.

Once you get to the aquarium, you have a choice: you can either watch the live feeds or join in on their virtual field trips.  Once you’ve completed the trip, have a go at one of the following activities.



Gnome Valley is a beautiful, well-cared for garden. It is home to the happiest community of gnomes ever to grace a garden. Or at least, it was.

All is not well in Gnome Valley. Over the past few nights, there have been strange things happening. First, a group of fisher-gnomes had their rods stolen. Then, the ‘Welcome to Gnome Valley’ sign was hidden in a tree. Last night, while all the gnomes were sleeping, the gnome guards had their red uniform hats decorated with yellow spots! This morning, Gnome News has reported that a naughty gnome is the only explanation for these strange situations. Gnome Valley Police are worried and have called in Detective Gnome to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Can you help Detective Gnome solve the problems to discover which
naughty gnome is behind the devious deeds?