BIG thought – a class debate

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Today, in RE year 1 and 2 had a fantastic debate. Before we started we talked about respecting other peoples opinions and that it is okay to disagree with others.

I then gave the children the big thought for the day.

“Only Christians can celebrate Christmas”

The children had some fantastic opinions for and against this statement! We are very proud of how each child respected their friends opinions whilst discussing the ‘big talk’. Some children even changed their mind after listening to their friends views and opinions!

Below are some of the children’s fantastic opinions.

“Only Christians can celebrate Christmas because they go to church on Christmas day.”

“Anybody can go to church, even if they believe something else. My friend is a Muslim and she came to church with  me.”

“Other religions can celebrate it too. They can learn about how Jesus was born.”

“Anyone can celebrate Christmas. We need to include everyone otherwise it’s not fair.”

“You can celebrate Christmas because it’s for Jesus’ birthday – anyone can celebrate a birthday.”

“I agree because it’s Christians celebrating Jesus’ birthday.”

“It’s about everyone and celebrating with friends and family – it’s not just about presents.”

“I’ve changed my mind a little bit. Other people can celebrate because that’s kind and including other people.”