This week’s message (Friday 18 February 2022)

Friday 18 February 2022

Wow! With three half-terms done, we’re now half-way through the school year. Thanks to everyone who joined us for the parent-teacher meetings this week. This week’s message has lots of links to check out…

Is your child in Year 4? If so, they’ll be one of the first to do the new statutory Multiplication Tables Check. Read more about this.

We know what etiquette is – a sort of code for polite behaviour. What about netiquette? Have a chat with your child about this, and the other tips for online respect – especially important if your child has a mobile phone or other online device.

Talking of things online, have you heard about Roblox? If your child plays it online, you really should be aware of recent concerns, in the news this week.

Community Youth Summits (first held in 2015) help to influence how councillors have spent over £500,000 of Youth Activity Fund money. Local councillors have asked us to pass on an open invitation: to participate in their next Community Youth Summit for Harewood and Wetherby wards.

If you’ve a child with special educational needs or disabilities, these SEND workshops might be of interest.

Are you planning a day-trip next week? What about a visit to Temple Newsam – there’s a lot going on.

Whatever you get up to, have a happy and healthy half-term holiday!