History: What is chronology?

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Year 4 have been exploring chronology.

Chronology is a word meaning ‘the study of time‘. We found out that it  comes from the Greek words chronos (time) and logos (word).

Putting events in chronological order means: listing them in the order in which they happened. When things are put in chronological order it can sometimes be called a “timeline“.

The children had a go at putting historic time periods onto a timeline.

“The Romans came a long time before my grandparents were born.”
“I know about the Coronavirus because it has just happened.” Aubree
“We know that The Great Fire of London happened before World War 2.” Jacob and Armanii

One of the best activities to encourage children to understand the idea of being part of history is to help them create My Life Timelines depicting their history and accomplishments. My Life Timeline Activity for Kids

Help your child to create a timeline at home. They can add dates, photos and pictures. Encourage them to bring their completed work into school.