Our Final Week In Ancient Greece!

Thursday 20 October 2022

What a busy half term. Year 3 have done incredibly well settling into Key Stage 2 and should be very proud of themselves!

To finish our history learning about Ancient Greece, we made some pottery inspired by the Ancient Greeks. The children did a great job at sculpting their clay to construct their own pot.

We also had a debate about the better city state. The children had to decide if they would rather be a citizen in the forward-thinking, artistic state Athens or the warrior state Sparta! We joined with Year 4 and lots of children argued their points very well.

We have been learning about the history of democracy, which we know originated in Athens and was a new style of government.   This linked with our Living and Learning statement this week:

“I can take part in democratic decisions.”

We put this to practice during our annual Junior Leadership Team election. The children thought about who would make a good representative for Year 3 and voted for their choice.

The new JLT will be announced during collective worship tomorrow!


Why not ask your child what they enjoyed learning about in our history lessons this half term? Some of the key vocabulary we learnt included:

. chronological order

. golden age

. periods of time

. democracy

. citizens