This week’s message (Friday 10 March 2023)

Friday 10 March 2023

St James’ CE Primary is a happy and healthy place to achieve and believe. We want to keep getting better and better and a key part of this is to hear your views…

We wouldn’t want our son to attend any other school now! The staff are so nurturing and show great care/interest in my child which reflects in his love of school.

That’s one of the comments from a recent survey of Reception parents – thank you to the 11 parents who took the time to let us know their views. We’ll spend some time now reviewing what was said and seeing if we can act on some of the points raised.

We need your help again – this time for all parents and carers to let us know about class trips.

We’re currently reviewing our curriculum plans. We’re keen to put a long-term plan in place for class trips. Class trips are a highlight for children:

The downside of trips is the expense – we’re very aware that trips aren’t cheap (often due to transport costs). We ask you to make a voluntary contribution to cover the cost, but even then, trips can be expensive for those who contribute and for school. Whilst the contributions are voluntary, we can’t go ahead with a planned trip if we don’t receive enough contributions.

We want to plan a schedule of trips from Reception to Year 6. This is to make sure we plan trips better, so we can closely match the trips with the learning that’s happening in school and to make sure that teachers are clear on our expectations (so that trips are spread out across the years).

To help us, we’d be very grateful if you spend just five minutes completing this short survey.

In the Summer term, look out for the annual survey for all parents and carers, too.

We’ll end this week’s message with another great comment from a Reception parent…

The learning environment in the Reception class is just lovely, and it is obvious through my son’s progress that the children are spent a lot of time with and a lot of thought goes into each child’s individual learning.