d:side visit

Friday 19 January 2024

This week, our Living and Learning statement is ‘I know that some drugs can be harmful’.

Dave from d:side came into school to speak to individual classes about drug and medicine awareness. In Reception and Year 1, he spoke to the children about taking care of our bodies and all about medicines; in Year 2, they talked about how our bodies work; in Year 3/4, they discussed smoking and vaping; and finally in Year 5/6 they talked about different types of drugs and if they are medical or not medical.

“I enjoyed the session with Dave and found out things I didn’t know such as solvents and how they are harmful.” Y5

“Dave explained all about drugs in a really clear way. He told us the drugs that are legal and illegal.” Y5

“He showed us what people look like when they take drugs and they didn’t look well. We then saw a picture of someone 10 months after not taking drugs and they looked a lot better.”  Y6