Safer Internet Day

Wednesday 07 February 2024

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day. We had a jam-packed day of learning, all centred around staying safe on the internet. Here’s what we learnt…

I know that some things online may not be true.

The children enjoyed reading ‘Chicken Clicking’.
An adventurous little chick goes exploring in the farmer’s house. Soon she discovers that the farmer’s computer is wonderful fun. She buys a frilly blouse, some bees and a motorbike. The farmer is very surprised when they arrive. Chick clicks away and a diamond watch, hundreds of handbags and squillions of shoes arrive at the farm. But she’s feeling rather lonely, so decides to find an online friend. Chick uploads her photo and spots a chicken just like her. After lots of chatting, they arrange to meet in the wood. But Chick’s new friend is really a hungry fox…
This gave rise to a spirited discussion about ‘real’ and ‘fake’. We learned about how we can check if information online is real or fake.

If you’re still not sure, speak to a trusted adult.


I know that I shouldn’t share personal information online.

Some types of personal information can tell others exactly who you are and where to find you.
We discussed which types of information we should keep private:

Keeping something private means only sharing it with a few people you know and trust.


I know that people should treat others respectfully online.

The children enjoyed exploring and discussing ‘Troll Speaks’ in our reading lesson. It links to our Living and Learning statement for this week and was a fantastic platform for discussion around treating others respectfully online.

“It’s not safe to message strangers even if you think it’s funny.”

“It might be a joke to you, but it could hurt someone else’s feelings.”

“Always be kind to people. It’s never ok to be nasty.”

I know that we should have a balance between being online and offline.

We had a great discussion around all the ways in which the internet is amazing. It seems like you could live your whole life on the internet. The children identified some issues with spending too much time online:

  • sore eyes from too much screen time
  • not enough exercise
  • harder to sleep
  • don’t spend enough time with family
  • harder to concentrate at school


Help at home by discussing the day’s learning with your child.