Non-fiction Navigators

Wednesday 28 February 2024

We are very lucky at St James’ to have an expansive collection of books to enjoy. Every term, we receive several boxes of brilliant books from Leeds School Library Service. They are all carefully selected to support our curriculum.

In Year 2, we took the time to explore some of the non-fiction books that link to our current science unit – Living Things and Their Habitats.

In our reading skills sessions, we learnt how non-fiction books are structured in different ways. We learnt how to use the contents and index pages to navigate non-fiction books efficiently.

The children enjoyed using their new skills to learn more about the natural world. I was stunned by some of the facts the children shared with me. The oldest tree in the world is nearly 5,000 years old!

Help at home by exploring non-fiction books with your child. Can you use the contents and index pages to navigate to the information you’re looking for?