Topic – Drop Down Morning

Monday 18 March 2024

Last week in Year 2, we had a topic drop down morning. This is where we take some time away from our usual timetable to revisit some of our previous topic learning. We revisited history, geography and art.

We started the morning with our most recent topic;


To refresh our memories, we transformed the classroom into an art gallery, adorning the walls with famous works by Leonarda da Vinci, Paul Klee and Barbara Hepworth. Children explored the ‘gallery’ in groups, discussing visual art elements including: colour, pattern, texture, shape, line and tone. There were some passionate opinions to be heard – future art critics, no doubt…

The children then played a game of Vocabulary Chase, practising their retrieval skills with a hint of competition.

Help at home by exploring art with your child. Can they use the visual elements of art to tell you what they like or dislike?



With art shrinking in the rear view mirror, we moved briskly to geography, starting with a matching task in groups. The children were challenged to match UK countries to their capital city and flag. Disagreements were navigated respectfully and compromises reached…

After a thrilling game of ‘Spot the Missing Sea’ (it will catch on in time, I’m sure), we revisited physical and human features. The children moved around the room, labelling physical and human features in a range of photographs. Super remembering skills were in endless supply!

Help at home by challenging your child to name the capital cities of the UK.



To round off our topic drown down morning, we returned to our topic; History – Heroes. We focused on the concept of inequality.

Inequality is being treated unfairly and not having the same chances in life as someone else.

The heroes in the spotlight were Leonora Cohen and Nelson Mandela. After revisiting some key information, the children were tasked with making connections between Cohen and Mandela. We focused on 4 main points:

Help at home by discussing protected characteristics. How many can your child remember?


If you’d like to know more about our current topic, Computing, we’d be delighted if you could join us today (Monday 18.03.24) at 14:30 for a topic review session. Please be prepared to join in!