Year 1 Class News

This week’s bible story

Posted on Monday 18 July 2022 by Mrs Rowley

Jesus is friends with Zacchaeus: Luke 19: 1-10


Have you ever heard the story of Burglar Bill – Bill goes out every night. Getting into houses through open windows and taking things. Until one night, Bill found a baby, and that changed his whole life …

There is a Bible story about a man who stole from other people. He took extra money when he gave them their tax bills and became very rich on all the money that he stole. Zacchaeus was a little man and that small people can’t see in crowds. Read the story of Zacchaeus to find out what happened to him.



Jesus loved everyone when he lived on the earth. It didn’t matter how bad people were, Jesus was always there for those who needed him. This is true for us too – no one is so bad that God doesn’t love them. And the more time we spend with God – praying, thinking about him, finding out about him, the more we want to be like Jesus; kind, helpful and good. Just like Zacchaeus, Burglar Bill changed his ways and tried to be more like Jesus by loving those around him. Even though Burglar Bill and Zacchaeus made the wrong choice, God forgave them and continued loving them.



Dear God,

Thank you that Jesus loved Zacchaeus even when he wasn’t making the right choices. Help us to love all of those around us and be honest about our actions.


Tropical World

Posted on Wednesday 13 July 2022 by Mrs Palmer

We have had a fantastic day at Tropical World. We saw lot of different animals – butterflies, a crocodile, fish, tarantulas, frogs, bearded dragons, iguanas, meerkats, birds, snakes and lots more.

We enjoyed a nice ice-cream in the sunshine and a picnic before we began our afternoon workshop.

In the workshop we learnt how to measure the height of a tree by laying  metre sticks on the ground and how to calculate the age of a tree. We thought of different animals that live in trees too. Spiders, owls, ants, bees, beetles and bats were just some of the animals we thought of.

We also learnt how different animals adapt to their habitat. Meerkats have long tails to help them balance and check for prey. They have black rings around their eyes for protection from the sun and 2 eye lids – the second pair of eye lids are see through to stop sand getting in their eyes when they are digging. We also learnt that chameleons have a curly tail to wrap around things like trees and they change colour depending on their mood.

Well done Y12, you were amazing!

This week’s bible story

Posted on Monday 11 July 2022 by Mrs Rowley

Joseph’s brothers lie about his death. Genesis 37:17-33


In the bible, there is a story about Joseph and his technicoloured dream coat. Joseph had 12 older brothers who didn’t like him very much. His father, however, loved him very much and would often say how we was his favourite. Joseph had lots of dreams and he liked to tell his brothers all about his dreams.

Joseph’s brothers were fed up with listening to his dreams. Why was he always the star in them? Why did he always think that he was so much more important than they were? Jacob, Joseph’s dad, heard their grumbles and decided to keep Joseph at home on the farm with him, while Joseph’s brothers were sent off into the fields to look after the sheep.

Then, Jacob did something that made Joseph’s brothers even more cross! He gave Joseph a special coat made of brightly coloured cloth. Joseph’s brothers were jealous and angry. They didn’t think it was fair that Joseph should be treated differently from them; they were upset that Joseph was their dad’s favourite.

Do you think Joseph’s brothers were right to be jealous?’


Joseph’s brothers were so cross that they began to plan to get rid of Joseph.

One day, when Jacob sent Joseph to take food to his brothers in the fields, the brothers grabbed Joseph and threw him down an old well! While they were considering what to do next, they heard the sound of people travelling along the dusty road. As they looked in the direction of the noise, they saw some travellers who were on their way to Egypt, with their camels loaded with spices that they hoped to sell there. What luck! This was a perfect way of getting rid of Joseph forever

. The brothers quickly pulled Joseph out of the well and handed him over to the travellers. Then, they watched as Joseph disappeared along the dusty road. Poor Joseph! His life had become a nightmare; perhaps he would wake up soon, and discover that it had all been a bad dream.

The brothers had got rid of Joseph, but what could they tell their dad? To try to cover up what they had done, they put some animal blood on Joseph’s special coat and took the coat home to show their dad.

‘Look what we found!’ they said to Jacob.

Jacob saw the coat and thought Joseph must have been killed by a wild animal. He cried and cried. The brothers tried to comfort him, but it was no use.



Do you think the brothers felt sorry and sad when they saw how much they had hurt their dad?

Do you think they were wrong to do what they did?

Should they have tried harder to like their brother, Joseph?

Should they have been honest with their dad about how they were feeling?

There are times when we don’t find it easy to like everyone. However, we feel, though, it is wrong to deliberately hurt people. It is always better to talk about things and try to sort out any problems between people.

Dear God,
Please help us to care for other people.
Please help us when we feel cross or jealous.
Please help us to talk about our problems with someone we trust.

Sports Day

Posted on Tuesday 05 July 2022 by Mrs Wood

Well done to all the children for showing resilience and determination in their races! Thank you to everybody who came and supported the children at our Sports Day.

This week’s bible story

Posted on Monday 04 July 2022 by Mrs Rowley

The story of two brothers

Read the story of the two brothers.

Have a think about these questions as you read:

Why did the brothers decide to have a bet?
– Why was the farm labourer unhappy and how had the lady become wealthy?
– What did the priest think about the world?
– Who won the bet?
– When the poor brother was sheltering in the forest, what did he overhear?
– How did the poor brother help the farmer, the villagers and the queen?
– How was the poor brother rewarded?
– What happened when the dishonest brother met the elves?

What lesson do you think the writer of the story is trying to teach us?



Read the following poem and have a think about how this relates to our Christian value of honesty.

Sometimes, we think that it is easier to tell a little lie.
We find it hard to tell the truth, however, we may try.
We’re just afraid to take the blame,
We feel remorse, we’re full of shame.
We should not cheat when things go wrong,
Just face the facts, own up, be strong.

Dear God,
Please help us to be honest and true
In all the things we say and do.


Posted on Friday 01 July 2022 by Mrs Palmer

We have been reading and enjoying the story The Book with no Pictures by B J Novak . 

After listening to the story being read aloud by the teacher the children took turns to read the story aloud to each other or to themselves. We talked about what we liked/disliked about the book. We all found it very funny and liked all the made up words and silly sentences.

We have also been looking at contractions and how sometimes  when we speak or write we join two words together to create one word. We played a pairs came and Y2 had a go at an activity in their book.


This week’s bible story

Posted on Monday 27 June 2022 by Mrs Rowley

Daniel and the Lions Den: Daniel 6 (Omit verse 24 for younger or sensitive children)

Read the story of Daniel (omit verse 24 for younger or sensitive children)

Daniel was captured, along with many more of God’s people, and taken to live in a foreign country. In this country, they had different traditions and customs and it was not acceptable to worship God. But Daniel chose to continue serving God. Even though it meant that he was risking death, Daniel knelt down and honoured God by praying three times a day.

When the king discovered that Daniel was breaking the law by praying to God, he had Daniel thrown into a den of hungry lions. God stood by Daniel and rewarded his unwavering commitment to righteousness by protecting him from being eaten by the lions.



We’re going to have a little think about this story now and what we could learn from it about telling the truth.

Have a think about these questions:
Why did the other servants not like Daniel?

Why didn’t Daniel bow down and worship the king instead of worshipping God?

What do you think you would have done if you had been Daniel?

Can you think of a time when you have stood up for the truth in a difficult situation?

Is it ever OK to tell a lie?

Daniel believed in something so strongly that he was willing to risk everything – even his life – to stand up for that truth. In the story, God honoured him for his truthfulness and saved him from the lions. This sets us a good example to try to stand up for the truth on all occasions and (if appropriate) to know that God will be with us in that decision to tell the truth. It might be easier to tell a little lie on occasions, but one lie often leads to another and this can often mean that lots of people get hurt in the process. It would be good to aim to be like Daniel and to tell the truth on all occasions!


Dear Lord,
Thank you for the example of Daniel.
Please help us to be brave enough to tell the truth on all occasions and help us to know that you will be with us when we find that hard to do.

Science – Animals, including humans

Posted on Thursday 23 June 2022 by Mrs Palmer

Today, the children have enjoyed looking at some tadpoles and frogs that were brought in by a child who has a pond in their garden. We talked about the life cycle of a frog and how there were 6 different stages.

In our Science topic this half term, we have been looking at different animals and classifying them. The children knew that a frog is an amphibian. Can they tell you any other facts about amphibians?

After we looked at what different animals ate and decided if they were herbivores, carnivores or omnivores.


This week’s bible story

Posted on Monday 20 June 2022 by Mrs Rowley

Adam and Eve: Genesis 2.15—3.14

Do you know the names of the very first people in the Bible: Adam and Eve. In Hebrew (the language the story was written in) names tell you about who the person is, what they’re like. The names Adam and Eve mean ‘the first people ever’.

In the story God made a special garden for Adam and Eve to live in, and we know from the Bible that it was set in modern day Iran, next to Iraq in the Middle East.

Adam and Eve had been told that they could eat anything they wanted, except the tree that grew in the middle of the garden, which was called ‘the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’. What do you think that name means?

Read the story of Adam and Eve

What do you do when you know you’ve done something wrong? What is the best thing to do when you’ve done something wrong?

In the story, God sent Adam and Eve away, out of the lovely garden, and they learned to be farmers, to grow their own food, and to work on the land.

But what might have happened if they’d been honest and owned up (’fessed up!); if they’d taken responsibility for their actions instead of blaming someone else? We don’t know. Perhaps we’d still all live in that garden, not having to work …

But this story is still told as an example of how, when we aren’t honest, it affects many more people than just us. We don’t know what might have happened in the story if Adam and Eve had been honest. But we can be honest about ourselves, and then we know that whatever we’ve done, it’s easier to make it right again if we take the blame, apologize and acknowledge our part.



Think for a few moments about the story of Adam and Eve:

how they did what they knew was wrong;

how they blamed someone else for what they’d done;

and how often we do that too.



Dear God,

Help us to be honest when we do something wrong.

Help us not to blame other people, but acknowledge our mistakes,

and apologize and so learn and move on.


Living and Learning: I recognise that friends and family are important

Posted on Wednesday 15 June 2022 by Mrs Palmer

What makes a family?

As a class we thought about our own family and shared our experiences and came up with a definition to answer the question.

A family is a group of people who love each other, are honest with each other and have a good friendship.

Who is in a family?

We talked about how families are all different and made up of lots of different people such as mum, dad, step-mum, step-dad, sisters, brothers, step siblings, grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins and pets.

We read the story about Esma and the time she spends with her grandpa. After, we talked about what they do together and how her grandad shows love and care for Esma.

“He makes her food.”

“He plays games with her.”

“He helps her when she needs it.”

We spoke about other ways he can show he loves and cares for her.

“He can give her hugs.”

“He can read her a story.”

“He can take care of her if she isn’t feeling well.”

Showing we care

Finally, we spoke about how we can show we care to family we live with and to family that live far away.

Family we live with:

“We can help by keeping our toys tidy.”

“Give them a hug.”

“Draw them a picture.”

Family that live further away:

“We can write them a card and draw them a picture.”

“We can give them a phone call.”