Spellings 19th May 2023

Posted on Thursday 18 May 2023 by Miss Gledhill










Spellings 05.05.23

Posted on Friday 05 May 2023 by Miss Kay

This week, our spellings will be the months of the year: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.

Learn your spellings by using the months of the year in a silly story!

Spellings 21.04.23

Posted on Friday 21 April 2023 by Miss Kay

I have been so impressed with our learning this week! Are you ready for a new week of spellings?

Our spellings this week will be words with different spelling patterns that we’ve been learning about: fraction, station, fiction, hospital, metal, camel, tunnel, apple, bottle, nice

Look at our homework sheet for our super spelling strategy!

We are growing potatoes!

Posted on Friday 17 March 2023 by Miss Ward

Over the past few weeks we have been reading some fantastic focus books.

                             ‘A superhero like you’ by Dr Ranj and Liam Darcy    Dr. Ranj - Public Figure | Facebook

The children expressed what ‘real’ superhero they wanted to be when they are older. We transformed our provision into a world of occupations from a farmer to a dentist!

‘The girl is like Mummy’- Savannah

‘They don’t wear clothes like batman’-Deacon

‘I like building with my hammer’- George



                  ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ by Alison Bartlett and Vivian French

Oliver's Vegetables by Vivian French and Alison Bartlett story time with Laura's Story Corner - YouTube | Olivers vegetables, Story time, Bartlett

The children enjoyed learning about all the vegetables that grew in Oliver’s  garden. We talked about what we have grown at home before and what we would like to grow in nursery. We all decided we wanted to grow some potatoes just like Oliver so we could make our own chips!

‘I grow peppers with my Grandad’ – Ella

‘I got carrots and potatoes’ – Frankie

‘I’ve not had beetroot before, it’s purple’- Austin

here they are !


                            ‘ Daisy eat your peas’ by Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt 

PICTURE BOOK FOCUS Turning refrains on their heads - Words & Pictures

Daisy does not like peas and there is nothing that her mum can do to get her to eat them! The children discussed their likes and dislikes around food. We then started to talk about which foods are healthy and which are not so healthy but in the end we all decided we love ice-cream!

‘Daisy didn’t want to eat her peas and then she tried to get mum to eat her brussel sprouts but she didn’t like them either’- Gracie

‘I don’t like sprouts, I like carrots’ – George

‘ I had sprouts at Christmas’- Austin

‘ I like Yorkshire pudding’- Ella

‘ I like to drink apple juice’- C

‘ Daisy is funny because she didn’t want to eat her peas’- Joshua



Thank you to those that have booked an appointment for parent consultations, I am excited to share with you your child/children’s progress this term. There are still some appointments left so the list will be displayed in the nursery window if you wish to attend.

Please keep sending in any photos you would like to share with nursery for the children to share in our circle times. The children really enjoy sharing what they have been getting up to at the weekend with their grown-ups!

Our email address is  stjamesnursery@spherefederation.org

Have a lovely happy and healthy weekend!

Miss Ward







Lunchtime and Breakfast Club staff required

Posted on Wednesday 08 February 2023 by Mrs Quirk

We’re currently looking for lunchtime and breakfast club staff to supervise our children at our friendly school! Lunchtime hours are 12.00pm – 1.15pm Monday to Friday (6.25 hrs per week) and Breakfast Club hours are 7.30am – 8.45am.  Please contact Mrs Quirk at stjamesfinance@spherefederation.org for further details.


Posted on Friday 03 February 2023 by Miss Ward

We have been getting our stomp on in nursery this week!

The children have been exploring out dinosaur provision. Our focus story for the next two weeks is called ‘Dinosaur Roar’ by Paul and Henrietta Stickland. Here is what we have been betting up to!

The children created their own fossils out of clay. We also compared what our feet looked like to a dinosaur using paint. The children used their listening skills to interpret and make their own dinosaur sounds, we stomped around the classroom to the music.

It’s like a dinosaur been in it but then a person has taken the dinosaur out and it’s a pattern – Gracie

Paint toes, make dinosaur feet- Frankie

Dinosaur squeak, dinosaur fast, dinosaur tiny, dinosaur strong- Austin


Have a happy and healthy weekend!

Miss Ward

It’s freezing!

Posted on Saturday 21 January 2023 by Miss Ward

This week the children explored our outdoor provision to see if they could find some ice. We talked about why and how things freeze and what would happen if the temperature would increase.

The soil is hard because it’s got water in – Austin

It’s frozen in the same shape, you can see the lines from the tyre- Gracie

Look Miss Ward, the car is stuck in the ice!- Deacon

The sun has melted the grass- Beau

We also explored Lunar New Year this week. Lunar New Year is the beginning of the lunar calendar, the months are based on moon cycles. This event is a celebration observed by many cultures around the world.

The children cooked up a storm in the kitchen, experienced using chopsticks, made rabbit sun catchers and enjoyed a traditional new year meal in school. 2023 is the year of the rabbit.

Red is a lucky colour- C

They clean their house to get rid of bad things- Sophie

A horse , a dragon and a rabbit- Frankie

I like noodles- Ella


Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Ward


St James’ goes to Magna!

Posted on Friday 20 January 2023 by Miss Gledhill

Last week, we took our geography learning to Magna in Sheffield. It was a great way to kick start our Natural Disasters topic and got us all excited to find out more about the world around us.

We started by creating our very own erupting volcanos. Check out how we got on…


In the afternoon, we explored the different pavilions, water, ice and fire. We watched The Big Melt which showed us how steel is melted. Sparks were flying everywhere!It was amazing!

What’s that sound? Does sound get louder or quieter the further away it is?

Posted on Wednesday 30 November 2022 by Miss Gledhill

Year 3 investigated sound this week to see whether they could hear the same sound equally well the further away they moved from its source.

Mrs Neal blew her whistle and we moved further away from her down the path!

Reading groups are underway!

Posted on Wednesday 23 November 2022 by Mr Freeman

Year 5/6 are well and truly in the swing of our new reading groups!

Each group had the choice to choose a book to read over the half-term. In their reading groups, pupils had to work together by choosing a few books and discussing them in detail. Reading blurbs, discussing authors and choosing which road to go down (fiction vs non-fiction) really helped the pupils come to their final decisions.

Here are our four group books for this half-term:

Wishful Thinking by Ali Sparkes

Room 13 by Robert Swindell

Podkin One-Ear by Kieran Larwood

Here Be Monsters! by Alan Snow

Every Friday, during our Book Club session, pupils are expected to have read to their target page through the course of the week. These target pages are agreed within each reading group, facilitated by the teacher. Pupils are also expected to bring in their reading records, that need to be signed by an adult, each week. There may also be a reading task for your child to do – this will be written in their reading record each week.

Here are lots of happy faces with their new reading books!