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Is your child attending any holiday club?

Posted on 08 July 2019 by Mr Roundtree

With the summer holidays fast approaching, some of you may be booking your child into summer camps, activity days and child-care settings.

Last year, the government consulted on a voluntary safeguarding code for out-of-school settings. In addition to the code for providers, the DfE published draft guidance for parents, in the form of ‘Safeguarding questions for parents and carers (DfE, 2018)’.

So you can be confident about asking appropriate questions of the people you intend to leave your children with, some of the questions you could ask include:

  • Have staff and volunteers undertaken DBS checks? How recent were
    the checks?
  • Will any adults besides the instructor be present at the venue while my child is there? If so, will they be there on a regular basis?
  • What training have staff had?
  • May I have a copy of your child protection policy?
  • Who is your designated safeguarding lead (DSL) and what training
    have they had? How recent was this training?
  • My child has Special Educational Needs and / or a disability (SEND). What steps will you take to accommodate this?
  • My child needs help with: using the toilet; changing; feeding; their medication, etc. How will these personal care needs be addressed?
  • How are you securely storing the information you hold on my child? Who has access to it and are you giving it to anyone else?
  • Is my child allowed to access the internet unsupervised?
  • Do you have filtering and monitoring systems in place? What are they?

In addition to the questions to ask, the draft guidance for parents sets out some ‘red flags’ that might prompt you to consider looking for an alternative setting. The red flags are:

  • Staff are not DBS checked
  • No child protection policy
  • Signs of abuse on other children who attend the setting, for example, unexplained bruises
  • Provider unable to name a designated safeguarding lead
  • The designated safeguarding lead has not had relevant training
  • If the provision allows children access to the internet, no filtering or monitoring systems in place
  • Dangerous physical environment e.g. loose wires, damp, no fire escape, no first aid kit
  • No designated first aider
  • No parental consent form or requirement for emergency contact details
  • Other adults coming into the out-of-school setting who are not staff members / a lack of clarity on the roles of different adults in the setting
  • No health and safety policy
  • No fire escape plan

Sports Day

Posted on 05 July 2019 by Miss Beatson

Well done to all the children for showing resilience and determination in their races!

Summer Fair

Posted on 05 July 2019 by Miss Beatson

Thank you to everybody who supported the school at the summer fair on Saturday. We raised close to £600! The PTA did a fantastic job of organising lots of stalls, food and drink- thank you.

Well done to all the maypole dancers and singers, too.


Wake up - it's Wednesday!

Posted on 26 June 2019 by Mr Roundtree

National Online Safety believe in empowering parents, carers and trusted adults with the information they need to hold informed and age appropriate conversations about online safety with their child, should they feel it is needed. Every Wednesday they produce guides to focus on specific platforms/risks which they believe trusted adults should be aware of.

 Join their Wake Up Wednesday Campaign.

Summer Fair

Posted on 23 June 2019 by Miss Beatson

On Saturday 29th June, 12pm-3pm, we are having our summer fair. The PTA have been very busy planning activities and stalls: raffle, tombola, bouncy castle, face painting, Wetherby High School and St James’ choir, maypole dancing, beat the goalie, food/drink and so much more………

Thank you to everybody who donated tombola prizes on Friday- this has been an enormous help!

If you are able to help on the day, then please sign up on the sheet in the school office.

We look forward to seeing lots of you there!

Last chance to submit your views

Posted on 20 June 2019 by Mr Roundtree

At St James’ CE Primary, we’re always keen to hear your views.

The annual survey is still available for you to let us know your thoughts, but goes offline on Monday 24 June so you’ve only a few days left. The survey will only take a few minutes or so.

We hope that you let us know any questions, comments and concerns (as well as causes for celebration!) whenever these crop up, but we like to gather the views more generally at the end of the year. We’re looking forward to reading your views.

Clean Air Day

Posted on 15 June 2019 by Miss Beatson

Clean Air Day is taking place on Thursday 20 June. This day raises awareness of how air pollution is having an impact on our health which will enable people to act on making UK cities cleaner, healthier and greener for us all, especially children.

Clean Air Day provides a perfect opportunity to encourage more children to walk, cycle or scoot to school and to inspire parents / carers to leave their car at home or park further away and walk the rest of the route to school. Walking / scooting / cycling to school is not only better for the environment but it improves the physical and mental health of our children.

You may have noticed a banner outside our school, which is reminding drivers to turn their car engines off when they are waiting. This is another way that we can help keep our air cleaner. Years 5 and 6 are learning about pollution and climate change as part of their topic this term and they feel strongly that this banner is displayed outside our school gates.

This half-term's Christian value is...

Posted on 15 June 2019 by Mr Roundtree


Our Church Council chose this value to focus on: ‘Everyone needs to be honest because Jesus’ disciple [Peter] wasn’t honest [when he denied Jesus].’ (Year 3 Church Council member)

What is honesty? Honesty is being trustworthy and truthful in our friendships, our relationships, our school and our community. We understand that we need to be honest and truthful with others when working together as a team.

Home challenge: Talk with your family – what are the consequences of not being honest or write a story or draw a picture to show what happens when people are dishonest. Bring it in to add to your class reflection areas.

At home, talk about honesty:

  • How can we be honest in our daily lives?
  • How can we encourage people to be honest?
  • What can we do to fix it if we forget to be honest?

‘Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.’ (1 John 13:18)

Supporting to secondary

Posted on 10 June 2019 by Mr Roundtree

Place2Be, the mental health charity, has some helpful information for parents of children in Year 6, nearing the end of their primary journey and about to begin a new one at secondary school. The information will help them support their children for what can be a daunting time.

Money Matters Week

Posted on 24 May 2019 by Miss Beatson

What a fantastic end to our themed week- Money Matters!

All the children made a penny trail in the playground with all the one pence and two pence coins they have been collecting throughout the week. All the money will be counted and donated to our school charity- Dogs Trust.  

Look on our class news pages to see more of what we have been getting up to this week.