30 November 2018

Posted on Friday 30 November 2018 by Mr Roundtree

This week’s homework is practice makes perfect and is due on Thursday 06 December. You will find an activity for the children to complete in their homework book.

Year 1:

We’ve been working on our subtraction skills (using a number line) and finding the difference between two numbers. Here are two clips to help explain finding the difference:  Video 1  Video 2

Year 2:

We’ve been learning different methods to work out addition and subtraction calculations. We’ve learnt to use tens and ones (a rod of ten for each ten and cubes for the ones), drawing it pictorially (draw a stick for ten and a dot for one) or by using the column method. Have a look at our calculation videos which show some of the methods we use.

23 November 2018

Posted on Saturday 24 November 2018 by Mr Catherall

Homework for the whole school this week is Talk Time: Which charity should our school support?

Next week,  a charity will be decided for Wetherby St James Primary to support in the year ahead – for example, when we have a performance, we’ll collect money for this particular charity. What charity does your child think we should support?

You could talk about:

  • what a charity is
  • why charities are important
  • what sort of work they do
  • charities that have meaning to your family, to school or the community
  • national and international charities and their work
Children should be ready to discuss, and justify, their choice as part of our homework review next week.

16 November 2018

Posted on Friday 16 November 2018 by Mr Catherall

This week, the whole school has the same Creative homework which children should be ready to discuss as part of our homework review on Thursday 22 November.

I know how to STOP bullying.

This homework is a response to our learning this week during anti-bullying week. Throughout the week, each class has had the chance to talk about what bullying is, what the different types of bullying are, and how we can STOP it:

  • Start
  • Telling
  • Other
  • People

As part of your discussion you may find our school definition of bullying useful, as agreed by our School Councillors:

Bullying is when you hurt someone, physically or emotionally, several times on purpose.

As the homework is Creative, you can do anything you want to respond to the statement. Here are a few ideas to help you:

  • Create a cartoon strip of a bullying scenario and how it is solved.
  • Create an acrostic poem using the word bullying.
  • Write your own ‘kindness statements’ for your class.
  • Create a scenarios quiz for your class to decide what they would do.

09 November 2018

Posted on Friday 09 November 2018 by Mr Roundtree

This week’s homework is talk time and is due on Thursday 15 November.

This half term, our Christian value is perseverance.

Discuss this scenario with your family:

One day, Sam’s teacher set his class a challenge. The challenge was to learn to count in 3s and recite it to the teacher next week. Sam always found maths challenging but wanted to give it his best go. All week, Sam practised and practised and practised because it wasn’t an easy challenge. The next week came and, after much practice, Sam managed to count in 3s. He excitedly told his best friend Lucy. Lucy laughed and showed Sam her arm – all up her arm were the numbers to count in 3s ready to recite to the teacher.

  • Who showed perseverance in this scenario?
  • Was it ok for Lucy to write the answers on her arm?
  • How would you show perseverance when set a difficult challenge?

19 October 2018

Posted on Friday 19 October 2018 by Mr Catherall

This week, the whole school has the same Talk Time homework. In preparation for the upcoming School Council elections, children should complete one of the following tasks:

  • I can prepare a speech (School Council elections).
  • I know the importance of voting.

It’s time for children to consider if they would like to stand for election for our new School Council.  With two representatives from each year group, chosen democratically by their peers, all children are encouraged to take an active part in pupil voice.

Elections for our new school council will take place on Thursday 25 October with our polling station and ballot boxes at the ready.  Candidates will have the opportunity to give their election speech to their class on Wednesday 24 October or Thursday 25 October.

What makes a good school councillor has been considered by our current school council.

  • ‘use all the 8 Rs for learning’
  • ‘be respectful’
  • ‘help others’
  • ‘be a good speaker and listener (to members of your class and in the meetings)’
  • ‘tell the truth’
  • ‘be confident with your ideas’
  • ‘accept the views of others even if you don’t agree’
  • ‘be friendly and approachable’
  • ‘make good choices in class and around school’

Hints for your speech include:

  • What skills and abilities would a good school councillor have?
  • What are you particularly good at that would help you to be a great school councillor?
  • What do you think would make the school better?
  • What could you do that people would really like?
  • Think of things that are realistic, maybe that you could do yourself, rather than having to ask other people to do

Thank you to our current school councillors for all their ideas and contributions.  We hope you have enjoyed this role and responsibility.  You’re welcome to stand again for election.

Good luck to all children who decide to stand in the elections.

If you choose not to stand in the election, you should consider the importance of voting.

12 October 2018

Posted on Friday 12 October 2018 by Miss Beatson

This week’s homework is creative and should be completed by Thursday 18 October.

I can show what Britain was like during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Some ideas:

  • timeline with pictures
  • poster
  • model
  • picture book
  • story

12 October 2018

Posted on Friday 12 October 2018 by Mr Mills

Focus: Creative – numbers to 1000

Over the last few weeks we have been studying place value and the number system. Your task this week is to create a quiz, game or any other task that we could use in the class to help with numbers to 1000.

You could choose to make your game about:
• adding and subtracting 10, 100 and 1000
• ordering numbers
• partitioning numbers

We will of course be looking at all the games and hopefully playing a few of them.

12 October 2018

Posted on Friday 12 October 2018 by Mr Roundtree

This week’s homework is creative and is due on Thursday 18 October.

 I can show what a home is.

This half term, our topic is Time Travel. We have looked at what is old and new (in relation to toys) and placed toys in chronological order. We have now moved onto looking at homes and how these have changed over the years – all the way from Celtic home to modern homes. Last week, we took a trip around Wetherby looking at all the different houses around.

For this homework, we would like you to show what a home is. This can be presented in any creative way the children wish. They could talk about:

What is important about a home?

What do homes look like?

What did homes look like in the past?

05 October 2018

Posted on Friday 05 October 2018 by Miss Beatson

This week’s homework is practice makes perfect:

 Learn Roman numerals so you can read and write any number!

  • What is your birthday in Roman numerals?
  • What is today’s date in Roman numerals?
  • Can you spot a building, clock, film advert, book or any other sign with Roman numerals when you’re out and about?

Links to support:

05 October 2018

Posted on Friday 05 October 2018 by Mr Mills

Focus: Practice makes perfect

This week, we have been adding 10, 100 and 1000 to different starting numbers and paying attention to which digits in the number will: always, sometimes or never change.

Complete the sheet of problems stuck into your book. If it helps, you could always draw out base 10 or place value counters to help you.
We also now offer a weekly homework club where children can use maths resources to help them complete this task if they find it tricky.