06 May 2020: Home Learning

Posted on Tuesday 05 May 2020 by Miss Beatson

We are halfway through the week! I can’t quite believe we are now into May. I’m so proud of you all during these strange times; you’re all doing so well.

Maths: angles

I hope the videos helped with yesterday’s learning. Please refer back to the videos to help you with today’s learning if you need to.

Year 5: angles on a straight line

Complete this practice makes perfect activity, re-capping on yesterday’s learning.

Year 6: quadrilaterals 

The activity today is a re-cap on yesterday’s learning about quadrilaterals and the interior angles of a quadrilateral.

Writing: hyphens and dashes

When do we use a hyphen? When do we use a dash? Can you remember the difference between the two?

Today, you are going to revise hyphens and dashes by following the BBC Bitesize lesson. 

Geography: capital cities

As part of Geography this half term, we would be learning the capital cities in Europe. Using an atlas or google maps, can you locate all the capital cities in Europe? Use this sheet to help you with the activity.

Once you’ve completed the activity, test yourself (and people in your family) to see how many you can remember!


05 May 2020: Home Learning

Posted on Monday 04 May 2020 by Miss Beatson

Good morning!

There are two video lessons today: Year 5 maths and Year 6 maths. Please email me if there’s anything you need help with. Have a good day!

Maths: angles

Year 5: angles on a straight line

Please watch the video– my first Year 5 video lesson!

Year 6: angles in a quadrilateral

Please watch the video to find out how to find missing angles in a quadrilateral.


Here are the answers to yesterday’s reading comprehension.

Today you are going to complete a reading activity on BBC Bitesize: The London Eye Mystery by Siobahn Dowd.


BBC Bitesize lesson

Watch all 3 videos, have a go at the video tasks. For activity two, name the seven continents of the world.

This is a year 6 task, but it is designed for both year 5 and 6 to do, as our topic lessons are spread across two years. (Basically year 5 and 6 do it, not just year 6.)

05 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Monday 04 May 2020 by Mr Roundtree

Good morning all. Thank you to all of you who have sent in messages, answers or photos. It’s always lovely to hear how you’re getting on because we miss you! Stay safe! If you want to see some more questions that have been sent in from last Friday’s reading task, check out our Class News page.  x

Maths: Yesterday’s answers: Year 3 and Year 4. Today’s learning. Year 4 video learning and worksheet. Year 3 video learning and worksheet.

Reading:  Yesterday’s answers. Today’s learning. Here is the first explorer that you are going to be finding out about, Robert Falcon Scott. Watch this clip that explains all about Scott’s expedition to the South Pole. There is also a transcript of the video available on this link if there is a problem with playing the video clip. Now, answer these questions in your home learning book.

Grammar: Revision of nouns.


05 May 2020 : Home learning

Posted on Monday 04 May 2020 by Mrs Latham

Morning. Here are the tasks for today.


Draw some 2D shapes/draw round objects – cut/fold/draw a line showing half (the line is called a line of symmetry).

Reading – Words of week

These words are from the Owl and Pussycat poem from yesterday. Re-read the poem.

Read the three words.

Additional challenges : 1. Put each word into a sentence. 2. Find out what some of the other words in the poem mean (eg tarried, quince). 3. Re-write the poem in your very best handwriting.

Topic – Geography

Draw a map of your bedroom. Make a key to go with it to explain what you have drawn. Try to draw it from a ‘bird’s eye view’, as if you are looking down from above.

Challenge : Draw a map of another room in your house or of your garden.

04 May 2020: Home Learning

Posted on Sunday 03 May 2020 by Miss Beatson

Hi guys, I hope you’ve had a good weekend.

Thank you to Hannah, who sent me a video of her doing the physical challenge Mr Mills set for everybody last week. Did anyone else have a go? Please send me some photos of your obstacle courses or any other learning you’ve been doing. Check out the class news page to find out more about what everyone has been up to.


Year 5: mental calculation

Complete the activity by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing mentally.

Year 6: four operations

Complete these questions using all four operations.


Write you own word problem, similar to Q9.


Your learning today is a comprehension task.

You should read the FirstNews task. Once you’ve read it, answer the questions on page 2 – these questions will help you practice a range of reading skills.

Challenge 1: create your own questions for someone else to answer.

Challenge 2: ask someone in your house to help – they’ll need to be able to read so maybe not your pet dog or your favourite teddy bear. One of you is going to play the role of a ‘journalist’. The other person will play the role of an ‘expert’. The journalist should ask the expert questions that they can answer using the text. The expert uses the text to answer them. You could swap roles, too. Why not go BIG and put on a different voice, dress up or use a hairbrush as a microphone. You could even film it and send it in to me!

Music: BBC Bitesize singing with feeling

Following on from Friday’s learning, today you are going to try activity 3. Choose one of the ten pieces. It’s time to get arty. Listen to the music carefully and create some artwork based on it. Watch the video to get some more ideas.

04 May 2020 : Home learning

Posted on Sunday 03 May 2020 by Mrs Latham

Week five of our home learning tasks already! We hope you are enjoying the lessons from teachers. It is strange not having anyone answering! As time goes on, some of you may be struggling to keep up with all the tasks. Don’t worry, any learning that is missed we will catch up on once we get back to school. The most important thing at the moment is to stay safe and look after your emotional well-being. If you need any help or support, please email your class teacher.

Try to keep reading for at least twenty minutes per day. If you have run out of your own books to read there is a fab online library of eBooks to read on https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/ Just register on the website, log in and choose what you want to read.

There is extra content on BBC Bitesize, with three lessons each day: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize and Oak National Academy (ONA), also with three lessons each day: https://www.thenational.academy/ There’s also White Rose: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/

Each Monday, we will also upload a set of spellings for you to practise over the course of the week. Then on Friday, see if you can write them out without looking at them. Someone could test you if you want.

Y2s will also have times table or division facts to learn too.

Weekly spellings :

Y1 – song bring train paint seen free coat soap

Y2 – who whole when where what why wild would could should

Times tables : If you ready, start learning 4x (double and double again, link to 2x tables) OR times 2, 3, 5 or 10 and divide 2, 3, 5 or 10


We are going to look at fractions this week. Here, Miss Harker talks about halves. There are activities to do too, if you can.



Poem – Owl and Pussycat

We have chosen a poem to focus on for a couple of days this week. Join in and read along with Miss Harker : https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cYfu2oBncR

Topic – Geography

Have a go at drawing or making the individual flags of the UK.

Challenge : Draw a Union Flag or make some bunting. Save your flags to display on VE Day on Friday.

04 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Sunday 03 May 2020 by Mr Roundtree

Good morning everyone, and welcome to another week of home learning. You are all doing amazingly! Did any of you do Mr Mills’ Friday challenge?

Maths: Last Friday’s challenge answers.  This week’s learning. Year 4 main learning video and challenge video. Year 4 worksheet.     Year 3 learning video and Year 3 worksheet.

Reading: Today we are going to have another look at the text from Friday. Your challenge is to answer the questions set by your class mates last week. These questions were written by Leah. Thanks for sending them in, Leah – they’re great!

Topic: Today we are learning more about counties in the United Kingdom. Use compass directions to find the counties.

Spellings: This week we are revising the long e vowel sound. There is a wordsearch for you to do and a  wordsearch template so that you can create your own. Here is also a reminder page of spelling strategies that you could use.

May the 4th be with you. (This is a Star Wars joke – May the force be with you!)


01 May 2020 : Friday extra maths challenges

Posted on Friday 01 May 2020 by Mrs Latham

BBC Bitesize and White Rose Maths have teamed up to create some challenges that will be published every Friday.

Here are today’s :

Year 1 : https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zhmbrj6

Year 2 : https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zh23gwx


01 May 2020: Home learning

Posted on Thursday 30 April 2020 by Mr Roundtree

Good morning Year 3 and Year 4!

Here are today’s tasks.

Maths: Yesterday’s answers for  Year 4. Year 3, there were no set answers for your learning yesterday.

This is the link to the activity for today: ‘Week 1 – Challenges’. There are four challenges for you to have a go at. For those people who complete two and want extra, the other two are there for them to complete as well.

Reading: Here’s another awesome non-fiction book linking to our topic: Explorers. It’s wonderfully illustrated!

Your task is to create ten fact-finding questions for the rest of the class to answer next week, based on the information on Paris on the next page. Send your ten questions to me and I’ll choose some of them for you to all answer next week.

RE: In RE, we are moving on from our Easter learning to look at Pentecost. Have a look at this video where we learn about Pentecost and your activity is explained.

Email your recounts and questions from the reading task to Mrs Welsby (kerensawelsby@spherefederation.org) and Mrs Rowley (beckyrowley@spherefederation.org) so we can read them – we love hearing from you!


Have you managed to get much exercise in whilst you’ve been in lockdown? How about trying one of Mr Mills’ videos. Look out for another challenge from him next week.


01 May 2020: Home Learning

Posted on Thursday 30 April 2020 by Miss Beatson

Happy Friday!

Thank you to everybody who has been keeping in touch and emailing me some of their learning.

Look out for a video message from all the staff at school; we’re all missing you very much!

Today’s learning…

Maths: angles

Year 5: angles 

Year 6: angles in a triangle

How did you get on with the triangle investigation yesterday? All the angles should have fitted on a straight line because all angles in a triangle total 180 degrees. Here is today’s activity and challenge. 


Reading: fact and opinion

First of all, use this BBC Bitesize guide to remind you of the difference between facts and opinions.

Now, open up the FirstNews paper  and go to page 4: it’s called 20 things to know and tell.  Read the article and then answer these questions.

Challenge: I would like you to tell us your opinion about any article from this week’s FirstNews. I want you to email me with your views. You should tell me the article you’ve read and what you think about it. However, in your explanation, I’d like you to include some facts, too. You can show me that you know these are facts by underlining or writing them in bold. I can’t wait to see what you guys think of the articles – please email your response to nataliebeatson@spherefederation.org

Music: BBC Bitesize singing with feeling

Here’s something slightly different for your home learning. Watch the videos and complete activity one and two. Send me the notes about your favourite song so I can share them with the rest of the class on the class news.

Challenge: discuss your favourite song with someone in your family. Compare it to their favourite song. What are the similarities and differences?