Reception Class News

Week 4

Posted on Thursday 29 September 2022 by Mr Roundtree

What a fantastic week we have had in Reception. On Monday we started our daily poetry work. We loved listening to the poem and learning actions to go along. Our poem this week was called ‘Chop Chop’ and all the children will bring it home with them on Friday to share with you. Check out the video below to see us in action.


We had our first visit to the school library this week. It was great fun looking at all of the books and choosing one to take home. Please can all library books be returned on Monday so we can return them and choose another exciting story.

We have been learning more about where we live and our families. We used google maps and street view to look at different places in Wetherby and then shared information about our families and things we like to do together. Thank you to everyone who has brought a family photograph in, the children love sharing them with their friends. If you would like to send a photograph into school we would love to add it to our frame wall. Photographs can also be emailed to our reception email

On Thursday 6 October we will be going on a local Autumn walk. Please can all children come to school in a warm coat and sensible shoes. If you would like to send wellies in to wear that would be great!

Great learning in Reception

Posted on Friday 23 September 2022 by Mr Roundtree

What fantastic readers we are! I wonder if you have heard any of our new phonemes at home that we have been working hard on this week? We have been using our magic air fingers and whiteboards to learn more about letter formation and have been trying to use these new skills in our different areas of provision.

We have been thinking more about ourselves and our families and decided to create some playdough self portraits. We used mirrors to look at our faces before choosing different loose parts to create our faces.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new friend in Reception called Ted. Ted is our class bear and he will be visiting everyone very soon. Ted has a diary which will be shared with the class after a home visit. The children are very excited to be bringing Ted home with them to meet their families.

On Thursday 29 September at 6pm there will be a zoom meeting with myself and Mrs Beesley to discuss reading and e-books. Everyone should have already received the zoom link and we are looking forward to seeing you then.

We now have our own reception email address which can be used for sharing information and pictures of fun learning that has been happening at home. The email address is:

As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Mrs Payne

School Rules

Posted on Monday 19 September 2022 by Mr Roundtree

In reception and nursery we have been learning more about our school rules. This week we have focused on ‘we keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves’. We have thought about what this might mean and how it can help us in school. After our discussion we all made a hand print poster to remind us of this school rule.

What a busy week!

Posted on Monday 19 September 2022 by Mr Roundtree

This week in reception we have been busy exploring our indoor and outdoor classrooms. We have enjoyed making new friends and even started learning phonics!


Dates for your diary

Posted on Friday 09 September 2022 by Mr Roundtree

Over the course of the year we will be holding lots of exciting events for you to get involved in.

If you have any questions about any of the sessions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Reception Team

Dates for Diary Reception

Welcome to Reception

Posted on Friday 09 September 2022 by Mr Roundtree

A big hello from everyone in Reception!

This week we have been busy creating an exciting learning environment for everyone to enjoy. We have welcomed our first group of children for transition sessions and are excited to see our second group on Monday.

We hope you enjoy looking at some of our provision that will be ready for you to explore next week.

See you all on Monday!

The Reception Team

A warm welcome from Early Years

Posted on Tuesday 06 September 2022 by Mr Roundtree

We’re so excited to start our transition into Reception Class on Wednesday 07 September. Everyone has been working hard to create a wonderful learning place in Reception and Nursery.

We cannot wait to see everyone very soon!

Goodbye Reception

Posted on Thursday 21 July 2022 by Mrs Wood

Well it’s here! The last day of term for 2021-22.

You’ve all had an amazing year!
I thought it would be nice to share some wonderful highlights.
Click here to reflect back on your Reception year.

I hope you all have a happy and healthy summer break.


This week’s bible story

Posted on Monday 18 July 2022 by Mr Roundtree

Jesus is friends with Zacchaeus: Luke 19: 1-10


Have you ever heard the story of Burglar Bill – Bill goes out every night. Getting into houses through open windows and taking things. Until one night, Bill found a baby, and that changed his whole life …

There is a Bible story about a man who stole from other people. He took extra money when he gave them their tax bills and became very rich on all the money that he stole. Zacchaeus was a little man and that small people can’t see in crowds. Read the story of Zacchaeus to find out what happened to him.



Jesus loved everyone when he lived on the earth. It didn’t matter how bad people were, Jesus was always there for those who needed him. This is true for us too – no one is so bad that God doesn’t love them. And the more time we spend with God – praying, thinking about him, finding out about him, the more we want to be like Jesus; kind, helpful and good. Just like Zacchaeus, Burglar Bill changed his ways and tried to be more like Jesus by loving those around him. Even though Burglar Bill and Zacchaeus made the wrong choice, God forgave them and continued loving them.



Dear God,

Thank you that Jesus loved Zacchaeus even when he wasn’t making the right choices. Help us to love all of those around us and be honest about our actions.


Almost there!

Posted on Friday 15 July 2022 by Mrs Wood

This week has been a ‘chilled’ week compared to last week. We’ve enjoyed spending some quality time in the areas and making the most of our last days in Reception.
Again, we’ve been super impressed with their amazing writing! They love talking about what they can see and writing sentences about the interesting pictures. For example, this was Thursday’s ‘weird and wonderful’ picture…

Yesterday, they enjoyed getting to know their new class teachers and exploring in the Year 1 classroom. Mrs Palmer sent me some lovely photos of them having fun in the sun.
In this week’s Living and Learning session, we talked about keeping safe around medicine and harmful substances. We sorted items that we can and can’t put into our bodies.

Home-Link Challenge

I hope you all have a happy and healthy weekend.
See you next week for your final week in Reception.