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What’s growing?

Posted on Wednesday 06 May 2020 by Miss Beatson

Mr Atkins has been very busy planting some vegetables in our school allotment. Can you guess what he has planted?

There are peas, carrots, radishes, lettuces, beetroot, spring onions and potatoes! Thank you Mr Atkins for watering them and keeping them going until we are all back at school.

06 May 2020: F2 Home Learning

Posted on Tuesday 05 May 2020 by Mrs Wood

Play Flashcards on Teach Monster
Parents: Click the link for Teach Monster > Click ‘Launch the Digital Flashcards > Press Play > Press each of the circle to select all phase 2 and 3 sounds> Press arrow down to select more sounds > Click the tick

Words to read:
Parents: you could write them in your child’s home learning book if your child cannot read them on your device.


Words to write:
Parents: Read the words aloud.
1. hair
2. fair
3. pair
4. chair
Did you remember the trigraph ‘air’?

Phonics Activity:  Write the sentence.
Parents: Read the sentence aloud.
She has fair hair.

Top Tip!
Before your child puts pen to paper encourage your child to say the sentence and count the words in the sentence – this is a good chance to talk about where the finger spaces would go. Once they have done this, they are ready to write! Encourage your child to then check their writing.

Can you extend the sentence?
E.g. She has fair hair and brown eyes.

Parents: How did your child find the writing activity?
Remember, it is okay for things to be spelt phonetically. It is important your child grows into an independent learner. Encouraging your child to write the words as they sound rather than always spelling correctly we encourage the children to use their own skills – rather than copy from an adult.

Story of the week: What the ladybird heard by Julia Donaldson
1. Listen to the story again. Have some fun making the animal noises.

In the story the baddies make a map of the farmyard so they can work out how to steal the cow.
2. Make your own map and label all the places and animals on your map.

Please see today’s Maths video (posted at 10.00 am)

If you have any questions we are here to help and will respond to emails in school hours.

05 May 2020: F2 Home Learning

Posted on Monday 04 May 2020 by Mrs Wood

See how many phase 2 or phase 3 phonemes you can write before the 2 minute timer finishes.


Words to Read:

Remember to blend each syllable and then put them together.

Words to Write:
1. near
2. tear
3. fear
4. beard
 Did you remember the trigraph ‘ear’?

Phonics Activity:  Write the sentence.
I can hear an owl hoot at night.
(Adult to read aloud)

Story of the week: What the ladybird heard by Julia Donaldson
1. Listen to the story again.

2. Can you make the animal noises?

3. Draw 3 of the animals with speech bubbles. What sound do they make?
4. Write the sound in the speech bubble.






Maths – shape
1. Cut out  different sized 2D shapes from paper.
2. Can you describe their properties? (number of sides and corners)

A circle has one curved side and no corners. 




A square is a regular shape.
It has 4 sides and 4 corners. 
All the sides are the same length.



A triangle has 3 sides and 3 corners.








04 May 2020: Phonics Lesson

Posted on Monday 04 May 2020 by Mrs Wood

Please use the following links to access today’s phonics video:

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Parents: Please pause the videos at anytime if your child needs more time on things. 

04 May 2020: F2 Home Learning

Posted on Sunday 03 May 2020 by Mrs Wood

Hello F2! 
Hope you are all keeping safe and healthy at home.
We are missing seeing all your happy, smiling faces.

Please see today’s phonics video (posted at 10.00 am)

Story of the week: What the ladybird heard by Julia Donaldson
1. Listen to the story. Can you spot the rhyming words?
2. Draw and label the animals from the story.


Draw or paint some ladybirds. Give each ladybird 10 or 5 spots.
How many spots on one side, how many on the other?
Talk about the calculation on both sides of the ladybird.
Can you record your number sentences?


There are 4 spots on one side and 6 spots on the other side. There are 10 spots altogether.




There are 8 spots on one side and 2 spots on the other side. There are 10 spots altogether.





Each ladybird must have the same amount of spots on each side.
How many different doubles can you make?


Double 6 equals 12  or 6+6=12






Double 2 equals 4  or 2+2=4

Extra Activities
Don’t forget to keep adding to your teddy diary!

Make ladybird biscuits – yum yum!

W/C 04 May 2020: F1 Home Learning

Posted on Sunday 03 May 2020 by Mrs Wood

This week we will be thinking about the story Supertato by  Sue Henndra.

Here are some activities that you can try that are linked to the story.

How many different ways do we eat potato?
Talk about this with your child eg mashed potato, chips, jacket potato, crisps.

Make your own Supertato or super vegetable – Draw on the eyes with a marker and add a paper cape with sellotape. Send us a picture via the email we would love to see your creations.

Have a try at vegetable printing or drawing your favourite vegetable.
What colour is it? What shape is it?

Sorting carrots –Which are long, which are short? Can you put them in order from shortest to longest? Use the words long, longest, short and shortest with your child. How many carrots have you got? Count carefully pointing to each carrot as you go.

Evil Pea – If you have frozen peas in your freezer have a look at them in their frozen state. Feel them, what do they feel like? Watch them defrost. How long does it take? Does it defrost more quickly in different places around your house? Use the words “frozen” and “melting” with your child.

Make a sign – tell evil pea to stop being unkind. Ask your child what they want it to say and write this for them. They can add pictures of evil pea and maybe a STOP sign.

Let us know how you get on, by replying to the email address 
We would love to hear about what you have been doing and are happy to answer any of your questions too.

Have fun!

Home Learning Heroes! – Week 4

Posted on Saturday 02 May 2020 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

Take a look at what our home learning heroes have been up to this week:

A big thank you to the children who sent in photos of their completed focus number challenges, taken from the number 14 lesson video this week…

You are all superstars!

Star Moving Sticker by Poppy Deyes

Have a fantastic, sunny weekend!

It’s Friday!

Posted on Friday 01 May 2020 by Mrs Wood

It’s Friday again and another week of home learning is completed. Well done! I hope that you’re all remaining happy and healthy at home.

We hope you are enjoying the new home learning videos. You are all doing so well! We love reading the emails and seeing what you’ve been up to.

Teddy Diary Continued 

Miss Marsden is trying to do a lot more cooking during ‘lockdown’. She has bought two new cooking books. On Tuesday, she made a pasta dish. She definitely added too many chilli flakes – it was too spicy! On Wednesday, we had chicken fajitas – they were delicious! Here I am helping Miss Marsden with the cooking! Cooking is a great maths activity. Why not help your adult cook tea at home.

 We made some wobbly strawberry jelly!

This week, Miss Marsden has been doing lots of exercise. She goes running every other day and does hula hooping sessions.  They hula hooping sessions are great fun!

Tonight, we are having a movie night. Look at all of my popcorn!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Story Time!

Posted on Friday 01 May 2020 by Mrs Wood

Hello Foundation! It’s Mrs Marsden again. Today I am going to read, ‘Room on the Broom’ written by Julia Donaldson. Can you think of any other Julia Donaldson books?
Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…

Video – Room on the Broom

Here are a few questions and things to talk about after you’ve listened to the story.

  • What made the witch wail and the cat spit?
  • Why does the witch need more room on her broom?
  • Why did the broom break?
  • How did the witch feel when the dragon appeared?
  • What objects did the animals through into the cauldron?

Did you enjoy listening to the story?
Design a new broom for the witch and the animals.

See you next Friday for another story!


1 May 2020: Home Learning

Posted on Thursday 30 April 2020 by Mrs Allen-Kelly


  1. Practise your letter formation- you can use the laminated sheet handed out at parent’s evening.
  2. Quickwrite! Write the following digraphs.

Parents: Please read the digraphs to your child. They can then write them their home learning book. For help with pronunciation please see the phase 3 video proviously posted by Mrs Allen-Kelly.

Time to talk!

How to play:

  1. Dance to the music:

2. When the music stops find a partner.

3. Talk to your partner about some news you’d like to share.

Remember: to be a good talking partner your eyes should be looking and your ears should be listening AND hearing.

4. Now it’s time to write! Practise saying your news in a sentence. Count the words in your sentence. Now write your news in a sentence. Don’t forget to check your writing! You can draw a picture too.

Challenge: Can you write your news using a narrative e.g. First, then, after that, finally.

Maths- Sharing

  1. Sing the number bonds song below.

(in the tune to twinkle, twinkle little star)


5 and 4 add up to 10

6 and 4 make 10 again

7 and 3 will also do

Look carefully, so will 8 and 2

9 and 1

0 and 10 completes the way of making 10.


  1. Solve 3 number problems from the card below.

Parents: if needed, your child could use objects at home to help when counting.

Challenge: Can you solve all of the number problems?