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Welcome Back

Posted on Thursday 18 January 2024 by Mr Nash

A Belated Happy New Year…

We hope you’ve all had a fantastic start to 2024. Year 2 have returned to school ready to impress; super learning attitudes have been in plentiful supply and everyone has achieved!

We started our year with a moment of reflection, celebrating success and considering what we’d like to change. The children impressed me with their maturity and have shown patience and ambition as we’ve established new routines.


Reading and Writing

We have been practising our inference skills! We decided together that inference is:

“using clues to make a sensible guess about something we don’t know”

We used some inspiring illustrations to stimulate our discussions and had great fun interviewing one another in character. I (Mr Nash) had a bit too much fun playing the part of a baby owl!

“How do you feel about taking your first flight?”



We have been adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers, using base ten to show what we know.



We are biologists! To start this term, we’re investigating whether plants grow healthier in light or dark. We’ve observed plants and labelled their parts, working like scientists by asking questions.

We braved the chilly conditions to see what we could observe. The children found an array of plants. Some had fur or spikes – others had flowers. We even found a tennis ball covered in moss!


Help at Home

Daily reading with your child is key to developing fluency and stamina. Your child’s e-book (including chapter books) will be assigned on a Friday – if there are any problems using the app, please let me know.

Encourage your child to engage with a variety of texts – perhaps a child-friendly news article will generate a spirited debate!

Continue to use NumBots to consolidate number fluency. We have set a (conservative) weekly target of 20 minutes to start the year but recommend a little and often approach. If there are any barriers to accessing this resource, we can provide an alternative.

Welcome back!

Posted on Thursday 18 January 2024 by Mr Freeman

Years 5 and 6 have had a really positive start back at school in 2024.

With lots to look forward to, the children have flourished through opportunities to learn in different ways, such as through our fantastic forest school!

Linking to our Vikings topic, some children decided to build a Viking-inspired den outside in our woodland area! They used what they had learnt in their previous lesson to understand and make decisions on what their Viking home might’ve looked like back in 800AD.

Spellings for this half-term

Posted on Thursday 18 January 2024 by Mr Freeman

Science: We are biologists!

Posted on Wednesday 17 January 2024 by Mrs Freeman

In our current science learning, the children are biologists.  A biologist is a scientist who studies living things. Biologists try to understand the natural world and the things that live in it.
We are finding out all about animals by classifying, grouping and discovering what different types of animals eat.
Below, is the vocabulary that we will be using throughout our lessons.
animal a living creature
mammal an animal with hair or fur on its body
bird an animal with feathers, wings and a beak
fish animals that live in water and have fins and gills
amphibian an animal that lives on land and water
reptile an animal with dry scales on its body
carnivore an animal that eats other animals
herbivore an animal that eats plants
omnivore an animal that eats other animals and plants
The learning objective for our first lesson was to identify, classify and name mammals.
Help at home by asking your child the following questions.
  • What is a mammal?
  • Are all animals mammals?
  • Is a fish a mammal?

Find out more

Do some research as a family about mammals. Your child could draw pictures or diagrams and label them, visit a farm and photograph the mammals or simply use books and the internet to find out more.

Encourage your child to bring their home learning in to school to share with the rest of the class.




Posted on Wednesday 17 January 2024 by Jamie Kilner

We have been fortunate enough to have a visit from Dave from d:side. He talked to us about smoking and the effects on the body, what is in a cigarette, E-cigarettes and why people smoke.

It was a very informative workshop and the children learnt how to say ‘no’ if pressured into smoking.

Help at home – Ask your child what chemicals are in a cigarette. What are the laws around smoking? Why do people start smoking? How can we say ‘no’?

History – Shopping in the past

Posted on Friday 12 January 2024 by Mrs Freeman

History is the focus of our topic learning this half term. During this topic, we will be ordering significant events in our lives and we’ll be discussing them using historical vocabulary.

Nostalgic photos celebrate life in Wetherby during the 1960sA Trip up through Wetherby Town Centre. 23rd Jan 2021 - YouTube

During this exciting topic, the children will discuss how significant things have changed over time: the food that we eat, the shops that we visit and how trade has changed. 

Below is the vocabulary that will be  learnt and referred to throughout the lessons.

past something that has already happened
present something that is happening now
ancient very old
modern the present day
similarity when something is the same
difference when something is different
sequence put in the correct order
trade the buying or swapping of products and services
timeline a list of important events arranged in order

Help at home by talking about what shopping was like when you were younger and ask grandparents for their memories too.

Have shops changed?

How were items paid for?

Welcome back

Posted on Friday 12 January 2024 by Jamie Kilner

We have had a very busy first week back in Year 3 and Year 4. We have been ensuring we stick to our routines and recapping on our rules and expectations in the classroom and around school. We have also welcomed Mr Goodwin and Mr Smith who will be based in our classroom from now on.

In writing, we have learnt about subordinate clauses and how these differ to main clauses. We have been able to identify subordinate clauses and we will look to use these in our recount writing next week.

In maths, we have begun using Frayer Models to represent number. The children have enjoyed the challenge that these models bring and enjoyed sharing their findings.

In Living and Learning, we have been learning about drugs and the benefits and risks surrounding them. We have also shared ways of reducing these risks and how we can keep safe at home and school.

Help at home – Ask your child if they can tell you what a subordinate clause is. Can they write a sentence using a subordinate clause, subordinate conjunction, and main clause? Can they check around the house to see if drugs are kept in a safe place?

Living and Learning: I know what a drug is.

Posted on Tuesday 09 January 2024 by Mrs Freeman

Happy New Year to you all.

We have been so impressed with the all the children this week. They have returned to school with super learning attitudes.

In Living and Learning, the class learnt about things that can go into our bodies and onto our skin and how this can make people feel.

After drawing around one of the children and labelling the outline,  we thought about  all the different things that might go into or onto a person’s body.
What things might go into the mouth?
• What might go into the nose or ears?
• What things might go onto the skin?

Next, working in small groups, the children sorted picture cards according to whether the image shown was helpful or harmful, or whether some can be both helpful and harmful to our bodies.

Helpful: fresh air, water, sunscreen.

Harmful: smoke, berries from the garden may be harmful if we don’t know what they are or if they are safe to eat.

Both helpful and harmful: hygiene and cleaning products and medicines must be used safely otherwise they can be harmful; if someone eats too many sweets or drinks too much (fizzy drink) it can damage their teeth or make them feel ill; doctors and nurses use syringes to give injections that help bodies stay healthy but it is dangerous to pick up syringes if we see them lying on the ground.

Things that go onto bodies: make-up, clothes, moisturiser/cream, water, tattoos, hugs/kisses, sand, jewellery, animal hair/licks, smoke, plasters, bubbles, medicines

Things that go into bodies: food, water, fizzy drinks, sweets, medicines, fresh air, insect bites, injections, smoke

Help at home

It is important that young children begin to develop an understanding of drugs. Talk to your child about medicines – they’re helpful drugs, but only when used by the right people in the right way.

Here are a few scenarios for you to discuss with your child.

Amrit has eaten too much ice cream and is feeling a bit sick.
a. Eat more ice cream
b. Drink water and have a rest
c. Jump up and down
d. Something else?

Amrit’s skin has a rash — with little red spots.
a. Don’t tell anyone
b. Use some of mum’s face cream on it
c. Go with an adult to see a doctor
d. Something else?


Amrit has dropped a can of black sticky liquid in the shed — it is spilt on the floor.
a. Leave it
b. Clean it up
c. Tell an adult
d. Something else?

Amrit has fallen over and has a
grazed knee.
a. Wash it with water
b. Rub a leaf on it
c. Put washing-up liquid on it
d. Something else?
Some shampoo has gone in Amrit’s eye by accident at
bath time.
a. Wash the eye with water
b. Rub the eye
c. Hold a wet flannel on the eye
d. Something else?

Merry Christmas!

Posted on Friday 22 December 2023 by Miss Ward

We’ve had a really busy couple of weeks here in nursery and it’s been lots of fun. From Stick-man to The Nativity Story, we’ve really got into the Christmas spirit.

Thank you to all out grown-up’s who attended our ‘stay and decorate’ session. The children loved it and it was really nice to share the experience with our nursery family.

Our Nativity- Wriggly Nativity, was a HUGE success! We have all thoroughly enjoyed the many rehearsals and laughs along the way. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and that you won’t be singing them in your sleep for too long! Thank you for your donations towards your child’s Nativity photo, the monies raised will go towards some extra resources for our classroom.

Here is a round up of our learning over the last few weeks …


We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a well rested break!

We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year when we return (Monday 08 January)

Here’s to 2024!

Miss Ward and Miss Harvey


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Posted on Friday 22 December 2023 by Mrs Palmer

We’ve had a busy week in Year 2. We’ve enjoyed making our calendars, Christmas hats and table runners for our Christmas dinner on Friday.

We enjoyed a visit from Santa, our Christmas party and playing some Christmas games.

We’d like to say huge thank you for all of your support this term. The children are working so hard both in school and at home.

We hope you all have an amazing Christmas break and enjoy lots of family time together. Thank you to everyone for our lovely Christmas things.

Mrs Palmer, Mr Nash, Mrs Bye and Mrs Walton.