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The festival of light

Posted on Friday 17 November 2023 by Miss Ward

This week we explored the Hindu festival of light known as Diwali. The children got busy making their own Diva lamp, Menhdi patterns and using natural resources such as pumpkin seeds to create Rangoli.

It has also been World Nursery Rhyme Week!

This is a great way for the children to develop their listening and attention skills that will support them into becoming confident readers throughout school.

Here are some of the rhymes that we’re learning to sing:

Help at home: Listen to these Nursery rhymes and sing them together at home. Does your child have a favourite rhyme? Can you think of anymore? Let us know or send us an e-mail/video to

We’ve also been having lots of fun in our PE sessions recently. We’ve been exploring different ways of moving our bodies.

Like a Snake- Mia

Like my Puppy- Charlie

I can do a Caterpillar – Louie

What’s happening next week?

Focus story– Hovis the Hedgehog

Nursery rhyme of the week – I’m a little teapot

Sound of the week – P for Penguin


Parent Consultations

This week you will receive an email to book an appointment to discuss how your child has settled into nursery and their learning, plus an opportunity for you to ask any questions or raise any concerns. 

Have a happy and healthy weekend!

Miss Ward and Miss Harvey


Living and Learning: Anti-bullying day and odd socks day

Posted on Friday 17 November 2023 by Mrs Palmer

We kicked off anti-bullying day with our odd socks to celebrate that we are all unique and different.

We explored our school definition of bullying, created by our junior leaders, by looking at what some of the words meant.

What are the different types of bullying?

Our school definition helped us understand the different types of bullying – physical (hurting our body), emotional (hurting our feelings) or cyber bullying (online).

Our main message is Start Telling Other People and to continue to do that until you are heard.

Seeking help can be done in a number of different ways.

Who could you tell? (taken from our child friendly anti-bullying policy)

  • Safeguarding team – Miss Beetson, Mrs Small, Mrs Walshaw
  • Any other members of staff
  • A trusted adult
  • Someone in your family
  • Friends
  • Childline (0800 1111)
  • Write a worry slip and put it in your Living and Learning box or the whole school worry box (outside the school office)
  • Email

Help at home: discuss our school definition of bullying with your child. Do they know the difference between falling out and bullying, and between a one-off situation and something that’s happened more than once?

Living and Learning: Anti-bullying week

Posted on Friday 17 November 2023 by Mr Freeman

For our anti-bullying week, years 5 and 6 have been listening, discussing and supporting each other with anything and everything around bullying.

In our school, we know that bullying is when something negative happens:





If we experience this, we know to Start Telling Other People.


Recently, we have been focussing on online behaviours and what respectful behaviour looks, feels and sounds like online. The class were very engaged and responsive during this discussion, providing definitions of respectful behaviour, along with advice and support to people who may have been treated unkindly online.

Here are some of the pupils with their definitions of respectful behaviour:

Help at home:

Check in with your child about their online experiences. Make sure they feel happy, healthy and safe when accessing online content and guide them in continuing to make safe and respectful decisions online.

Children in Need

Posted on Friday 17 November 2023 by Miss Beatson

Thank you for all your support raising money for Children in Need. 

We have raised £140 for the charity.


Reading: James Mayhew

Posted on Thursday 16 November 2023 by Mrs Palmer

In our English sessions, we have been reading the book Katie and the Mona Lisa by James Mayhew. Today, we zoomed the author James Mayhew . During our zoom he told us how he came up with his ideas for all his different books through sketching things such as the characters, costumes and buildings. He told us sometimes the drawings go wrong but that’s ok because this helps him to develop and write his stories. He then modelled how he uses drawings to create a story. We listened and watched in amazement as he told a story all about St George, a dragon and a princess whilst he illustrated at the same time.

He read us another of his knight stories. He told us that he likes to find and read old stories and use these to inspire his writing.

During our English lesson last week, we thought of some questions that we’d like to ask James Mayhew about his book Katie and the Mona Lisa.

Where did you get your inspiration from?

Why did Grandma smile secretly at the end of the story?

How did you draw the Mona Lisa so well?

Why did Mona Lisa choose to speak to Katie?

We learnt that the inspiration for the book came from a trip he took to Florence when he visited an art gallery and that he has had over 70 books published. He told us he first started to write when he was 20 but it took 5 years to get his first book published. We spoke about how we have to be resilient.

Help at home: Have a discussion at home about our zoom with James Mayhew. Can your child remember any of the interesting facts he told us. For example: Where does he get his inspiration from? How old was he when he first started to write? Where do his ideas from for his books? Who is the character Katie based on?


Living and Learning: know how to STOP bullying!

Posted on Wednesday 15 November 2023 by Mrs Freeman

We kicked off anti-bullying day with our odd socks to celebrate that we are all unique and different.

What is unique?

We discussed the meaning of the word ‘unique’.

I am unique because there is no one else like me that has my personality or looks.

Nobody has my hair, my eyes, my nose, or my smile. Nobody draws like me, paints like me, sings like me, or dances like me.

I am unique because God made me and wanted me to look and act exactly like I do now.

Unique Meaning - YouTubeWe explored our school definition of bullying by looking at what some of the words meant.

What is bullying?

We’re all able to make a choice in how we behave towards others. We can choose to be kind or helpful, or we could act in a way that is mean and unkind.

What is bullying behaviour?

Bullying is a type of unkind behaviour, such as being mean to others on purpose. Sometimes, people who bully others may be feeling sad or angry and might take their negative feelings out on other people.

What are the different types of bullying?

Our school definition reminds us of  the different types of bullying – physical (hurting our body), emotional (hurting our feelings) or cyber bullying (online).

How can you STOP bullying?

We used our weekly circle time to think about the role we all have to STOP bullying. Year 1 had some great suggestions.

Our main message is Start Telling Other People!

You can stop bullying by…

saying STOP to the bullies and if they don’t stop, tell an adult – Harry

being kind to people and not hurting others – Poppy

being resilient and saying STOP – Vincent

ignoring the bully, walk away – Athena

How can you get help?

The children were reminded about where/who to ask for help.

Who could you tell? 

The children were reminded about who they could speak to if the need arose.

  • Safeguarding team – Miss Beatson, Mrs Freeman, Mrs Small and Miss Walshaw.
  • Any other members of staff
  • A trusted adult
  • Someone in your family
  • Friends
  • Childline (0800 1111)Write a worry slip and put it in your class Living and Learning Box

    Start Telling Other People.

Help at home:

Discuss our school definition of bullying with your child. Do they know the difference between falling out and bullying, and between a one-off situation and something that’s happened more than once?


Posted on Tuesday 14 November 2023 by Jamie Kilner

On Monday, we acknowledged Anti-bullying week by wearing odd socks and learning about how we can help to stop bullying.

The children learnt many key messages, including what ‘banter’ is and how it can be percieved. We learnt about how friends speak to each other and how to be an ally for someone who is being bullied.

Here are some pictures of the children creating work to demonstrate their understanding:

Help at home – ask your child about the STOP acronyms. Can they remember our school bullying definition? Who can we speak to if we are being bullied? What is the Childline phone number?

Binny’s Diwali

Posted on Sunday 12 November 2023 by Emma Kendrew

Binny’s Diwali

Welcome to Autumn 2! This half term our theme is light and dark.

We have covered so many important events and topics this week…

On Monday we spent the day learning about St James, we listened to the story about how Jesus chose James to be one of his special friends. James was a fisher man and Jesus told him to put down his net and follow him. James became a ‘fisher of men’ instead. The children had a few challenges to complete to help them with their understanding.

Bonfire Night

On Tuesday we talked about Bonfire night, the children enjoyed talking about their own experiences and how they celebrated at home or out and about. In the construction area the children were challenged to build a replica of the Houses of Parliament.


We talked about the festival of light, called Diwali. Our focus book was Binny’s Diwali by Thrity Umrigar.

We also found out about the festival through watching cbeebies-My first festival and Jo Jo and Gran Gran. The children were challenged to make their own Mehndi patterns on the funky fingers table, make rockets in the Waste Innovation Workshop and Diya lamps in the Playdough Factory.

Our word of the week is: Festival

Remembrance Day

We talked about Remembrance Day and the meaning behind each poppy. Lots of children wore poppy items to school and could speak about the meaning.

On Friday we used all of your kind donations (thank you!) to create a penny trail. The children enjoyed starting the trail for the rest of the school to follow on.


This week the children have focused on the diagraphs ff, ll, ss and the single phoneme j.

We’ve also learnt the tricky word; as

Tricky words are words that should be read by sight. We start by identifying which part of the word is ‘tricky’. In as, the ‘s’ is tricky because it makes the /z/ sound.

Poetry Picnic

Each week we will be learning a new poem. We will recite the poem each day. By saying the poem out loud we can focus on the sounds and rhythm of each word or line.

This week our poem was Breezy Weather

Breezy weather. Freezy weather.

When the leaves fall, we all fall together.

Breezy weather. Freezy weather.

When the wind blows, we huddle together.


In Maths, we’ve been using our fingers to identify 5. We used the peas in a pod song-

‘Five little peas in a pea pod pressed,

One grew, two grew, so did all the rest.

They grew and they grew and they did not stop,

Until one day the pod went pop!’

Help at home phonics sheet

Today, your child has come home with a new ‘learn at home’ phonics sheet. The sheets link to all the phonemes we have covered this half term. Please support your child by practising these at home.

Help at home

Next week we’ll be celebrating World Nursery Rhyme Week. If you would like to, we’d love to share a recording of them telling their favourite nursery rhyme in class. Please send your emails to


We will be doing PE on Monday, so please send your child to school wearing their PE kit and trainers. They will stay in this all day.

 Stay and Learn Sessions

Wednesday we have our Maths Stay and Learn session from 2.20pm-3.00pm

Mrs. Kendrew, Mrs. Rippon and Miss. Feldman

Living and Learning: Me and My Money

Posted on Sunday 12 November 2023 by Mrs Freeman

We have had a very busy, money themed, week. The children have been learning the value of coins and notes, sorting coins into groups, discussing different charities, making money boxes, enjoying a song (with prosody) and laying a penny trail in the playground.

During our Living and Learning lesson, the class thought about the difference between a need (something we must have in order to stay alive) and a want (something we would like to have, but we don’t need it in order to stay alive).

Help at home

Watch the Money Matters video clip and have a discussion at home about how we get and use money, where money comes from, the difference between needs and wants, budgeting and saving. Take the quiz at the end to see how much you can remember about using money.

Remember, remember the fifth of November

Posted on Friday 10 November 2023 by Miss Ward

This week in nursery the children were very excited to talk about bonfire night and the fireworks they saw. We created our own fireworks pictures using wax crayons and black paint, we then scraped marks into the paint to reveal the bright colours underneath.

We also remembered those who served in the war. The children explored our remembrance themed tuff tray, through the poppy fields – we even tried on some war helmets, they were really heavy!

As part of our phonics learning, we’ve introduced the letter ‘s’ this week.  At this point in Nursery, children are learning to HEAR the sounds in words.  We took turns to pull some objects out of a bag that all started with the letter ‘s’. There was… a snake, sock, spoon, and even a sausage! We talked about the ‘s’ sound that we could hear at the start of each word. In Nursery, we focus on our listening skills. We’re not learning about letter formation just yet, that will come later in your child’s phonics journey.

Here is a link to a video to show you how we pronounce the letter sounds that we will be learning over the next half term. (The video is to help show how to pronounce each letter clearly, using the pure sound. Children don’t need to be able to recognise the grapheme (letter) yet, although they might begin to.)

Help at home: What can you find at home that begins with the letter ‘s’?  Go on a sound hunt together and look for some…. ssssssocks, ssssssslippers, sssssssoap. We often exaggerate the sound at the beginning of the word when we’re first learning to listen for initial sounds and then we repeat the word afterwards, saying it as it should be. Sssssocks, socks.

What’s happening next week?

  • It’s ‘Odd Socks Day‘ on Monday so your child might like to wear odd socks for the day to celebrate what makes us all unique and spread kindness!
  • Friday is a non-uniform day as we’ll be taking part in some spotty Children in Need fun!
  • It’s been much colder outside this week and some children have been a bit chilly whilst playing outside. As we spend lots of time in our outdoor area, please make sure that your child has a warm coat, a hat and some gloves to wear. Don’t forget to add names!

Nursery rhyme of the week – We’ll be singing lots of popular rhymes as it’s World Nursery Rhyme week! If you’d like to send us an email with your child’s favourite rhyme and we’ll try to sing it at Nursery next week.

Sound of the week – T for tiger and teapot!

Have a happy and healthy weekend!


Miss Ward and Miss Harvey