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Football Skills with Jamie Knight

Posted on Friday 13 October 2023 by Mrs Palmer

On Tuesday, we enjoyed an assembly from the freestyle footballer Jamie Knight and we had a workshop with him where he taught us how to do some of his football skills. Have a look at some of the fun we got up to!


L&L Identity: self-respect

Posted on Thursday 12 October 2023 by Mrs Palmer

This week, during our Living and Learning session we thought about how we are similar and different from each other.

There are things that are the same or different that are immediately obvious (physical features) as well as things you cannot see such as things you like doing. We worked with our partner to think of an example of each.

“We are the same because we have blue eyes and we both like playing football.”

“We are different because we have different coloured hair but we are the same because we both like gymnastics.”

We had a chat about how there are lots of things the same about us all but everyone is different too – nobody is exactly the same, everyone is unique. No-one is good at everything but everyone is good at something.

Help at home: Draw a picture of your friend, making sure you draw something that makes them special or unique. This could be a physical attribute or something they do. Bring your drawing in to share with us.

Maths: Less than, greater than, equal to

Posted on Monday 09 October 2023 by Mrs Freeman

Today, the children have been introduced to the greater than (>) and less than (<) symbols when comparing numbers.

The class have moved on from describing whether there are “fewer”, “more” or the “same” number of objects to comparing numerical values using the vocabulary “less than”, “greater than” or “equal to” alongside the symbols <, > and =.

Greater than and Less than Symbols (songs, videos, games, worksheets,  examples, solutions, activities)

Top tip

The open end of the symbol always has the largest number next to it.

Greater Than, Less Than & Equal To Classroom Display Posters (3 posters) |  Teaching Resources👉 Greater Than, Less Than Crocodile Signs (Ages 4 - 7)

Using the images below, the class added the correct symbol accordingly.

MORE THAN, LESS THAN AND EQUALS- Worksheet Year 1 | Teaching Resources

Next, using conkers and lolly sticks, the class made up their own statements and recorded them in their books.

Help at home

Children may want to use the word “bigger” rather than “greater”. For consistency of language, encourage children to use the word “greater”. “Bigger” often refers to the size of an object rather than a number, for example a bigger teddy or a bigger slide.
Children may get the symbols mixed up. Using cubes and straws to physically make the symbols can help children to understand them.

Mindfulness Matters

Posted on Sunday 08 October 2023 by Mrs Freeman

Year 1 began their Friday morning with some mindfulness and yoga. 
Being mindful means having your mind on what you are doing. It’s the opposite of rushing or doing too many things at once. To be mindful, you slow down to take your time, which is hard to do in our busy lives.
The children learnt a breathing technique called ‘Balloon Belly Breathing and were able to demonstrate some basic yoga poses.
Benefits of mindfulness for kids

Living and Learning: I respect others

Posted on Sunday 08 October 2023 by Mr Freeman

Our Living and Learning statement last week was…

I respect others

Year 5 and 6 have been learning about equality and discrimination. We have looked at many scenarios where an individual (or group) was being discriminated against. We discussed what these reasons might be and what we would do to change the world if we could.

Then, we had a look at the Equality Act (2010) and our protected characteristics that we can’t be discriminated against. Pupils were mature, engaged and active in this learning, which resulted in some fantastic discussions and advice for others.

Here are the nine protected characteristics:

  • sex
  • sexual orientation
  • gender reassignment
  • disability
  • marriage and civil partnership
  • pregnancy and maternity
  • religion or belief
  • race
  • age

We will continue to focus and test ourselves on these characteristics throughout the year.

Help at home:

Have regular conversations with your child about the nine protected characteristics. Ensure the children fully understand what discrimination could look like, and who they could talk to for help/advice.

A forest, a dark gloomy forest…

Posted on Friday 06 October 2023 by Miss Ward

We took a visit to the forest this week in search of a bear!

Our focus story for the next 2 weeks is ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen. The children having really enjoyed how engaging this story is, using repeated refrains throughout the book. We particularly enjoyed being able to join in with Michael Rosen himself re-telling the story.

Help at home: Enjoy reading ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’ at home and see what else you might find on your journey. What else could you see in the forest? What sounds might you hear? If you don’t have access to this book at home here is the re-aloud the children have enjoyed this week

(This is a YouTube link. Top tip for watching YouTube with your child: go to the settings cog along the play bar and turn off autoplay – this avoids an inappropriate clip coming up automatically, and helps to discourage your child from passively watching clip after clip)

Have lovely weekend and we will see you next week for more bear hunt adventures!

Miss Ward

Forest School

Posted on Friday 06 October 2023 by Mrs Palmer

The children have been enjoying their Forest School sessions on a Friday.

So far, they have enjoyed den building, peeling a stick and decorating using coloured wool and using flint and steel to start a fire on a cotton wool bud.

Help at home: Talk with your child about how to keep safe while at Forest School. For example listen to the adult instructions, only light fires with a flint under adult supervision.

We are geographers

Posted on Tuesday 03 October 2023 by Mrs Freeman

Year 1 have been learning about the countries that make up the United Kingdom and their capital cities.

Help at home

Quiz your child on their knowledge of capital cities. Can they tell you the four capital cities of the countries in the United Kingdom?

Today, the children have been locating and naming the seas that surround the United Kingdom.

Help at home 

Using the images below, ask your child to match the body of water to the correct location. The children have really enjoyed using Google Earth to explore scale and size of different locations. Why not go on an exploration at home? By zooming in on planet Earth slowly, the class were amazed by the amount of water there is on our planet.

Uk seas - Teaching resourcesLocating the Seas surrounding the UK | Teaching Resources

Finally, we spent some time looking at an atlas. Some of the children were able to locate the UK and the surrounding seas.


Spellings for the first half term

Posted on Tuesday 03 October 2023 by Mr Freeman

Below are the 40 spellings for this half term. Please continue to learn these at home. There will be a test every Friday on 8 random words from the list. If your child is finding it difficult to learn the words, have a look at our Super Spelling Strategy document on the school website – it’s got some great ideas!

Loving Latin

Posted on Saturday 30 September 2023 by Jamie Kilner

The children have really enjoyed learning Latin this week and discovering that many words we use today are heavily influenecd by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Here are some examples:

Tele (far away) – television, telephone, telescope
Micro (small) – microphone, microscope, microbe
Tri (three) – triangle, triplets, tripod

As a class, we enjoyed learning, collaborating and then sharing our thoughts and findings.

At home, see what your child can remember.