Reception Class News

Supertato- Veggies Assemble!

Posted on Saturday 24 November 2018 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

As our exploration of Superheroes continues, we have seen that they come in all shapes and sizes! This week we’ve been reading, retelling and writing about the story Supertato- Veggies Assemble. Towards the end of the week, we were sent a special video from Supertato, who gave us a mission to capture the Evil Peas.

Next week we’ll be learning about another unlikely Superhero- SUPERWORM!

We’ve been focusing on our new number ‘5’; showing different combinations of number that can be added together to make 5. F2 have revisited how to use a number line to find out one or two more, or less than a given number. It is important to understand which direction to ‘jump’ on the number line; going up the number line for addition, when we are adding more and going down the number line for subtraction, when we want to find less. This is a tricky skill that we will continue to work on in class. We’ll also be sending home a number line to keep in your child’s bookbag, to continue practising at home.

F1 children have been creating shape pictures and naming the shapes they have used. They’ve been listening to stories, drawing and exploring the vocabulary of texture during their Key worker time.

All of the children have enjoyed programming our remote control cars this week. We’anve used them in role play (to save the veggies) and in a maths game on the beebot mat. The children had to roll the die, count the spots and move their car that many squares on the mat.

This week we’ve declared the run up to Christmas. The magical Christmas fairies had heard that the children have been pretending to load Santa’s sleigh in the ‘Toy Shop’ role play area and have created them their very own ‘Santa’s Workshop’! We’re also starting to learn the songs for our exciting Christmas production. We have an extra reward in the classroom at this festive time too; all children who have a ‘wow’ moment in the classroom get to choose a decoration to add to our Christmas tree.

Home-Link Challenge

F2- We did not get many challenges returned this week (the challenge based on the number 5) This week, instead of providing a photograph please encourage your child to draw their own representation of 5 objects- it can be 5 of anything! They could tell you the different ways they know how to make 5, using full number sentences.

F1- Please read picture books with your child that feature people. Pay particular attention to personal pronouns (“he”/ “him” for boys and “she”/ “her” for girls)

Upcoming Stay and Play Sessions

Wednesday 5th December 2018; 3.15- 3.45 – Funky Phonics

Thursday 20th December 2018; 8.45- 9.30- Learning journey drop in with CHRISTMAS STAY AND DECORATE! 

Fiddly Fingers Stay and Play

Posted on Wednesday 14 November 2018 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

Thank you to the parents and children who joined us for the Fiddly Fingers Stay and Play today. We hope you enjoyed the session and feel confident to help support fine motor skills at home. It’s always so lovely to see how excited the children are to show their learning to their family. We really appreciate your support.

“We will remember them”

Posted on Saturday 10 November 2018 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

Remembrance Day 2018 

For reflection time this week, Foundation watched a presentation and had a discussion about the importance of the poppy emblems that many of the children have brought into school. We spoke about Remembrance Day, who we are remembering and about the centenary.

Ask your child if they can remember how many years it has been since the end of World War I

The children created some beautiful poppy decorations which they were very proud to take home in the afternoon.

If you’re attending any parades or services at the weekend, we’d love to hear about it in class. Perhaps your child could draw a picture or write a sentence about the experience, to share with their friends.

If you’re attending the parade in Wetherby this weekend, you may spot some familiar faces! Miss Beatson and some children from our school will be walking in the parade.

Home-Link Challenge: 

Next week, for Anti-Bullying Week 2018, Foundation will be thinking about kind and unkind behaviours or actions. In preparation for this, we’d like you to have a discussion with your child about their friends. Please use this prompt: “Tell me about a time when one of your friends has been kind to you.” Please write down exactly what your child says, in their own words. We’ll use their responses in our learning this week.

Parent Reminders

Monday 12 November: Odd Socks Day- Anti-Bullying Week. Please send your child to school in odd socks.

Parents / carers of all Foundation children are invited to our interactive Fiddly Fingers Stay and Play, Wednesday 14 November, 3.15-3.45 pm. You’ll be able to take part in activities focused on developing fine motor skills. Whether you can stay for five or the full thirty minutes, we hope to see many of you there.

Friday 16 November: Children in Need. Please send your child to school wearing something yellow. We will be collecting donations for the charity.

Thank you.

The End of Autumn 1!

Posted on Saturday 27 October 2018 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

Wow! What a busy half term we have had. We have developed lots of new skills, settled in to the routines of school life again and shared some magic moments in our learning.

Foundation 2 are flourishing in their phonics. Sid the squirrel has been super impressed with how they have explored and used each sound that he has shown them over the past eight weeks.


We have worked hard to become story-tellers, with everyone in F2 showing they can re-tell a story and some can even write the words or sentences from them! We have been using our fantastic imaginations to share our own ideas and create new stories too!


In maths, we have explored every aspect of our focus numbers and challenged ourselves in our counting, shape and size comparison.

F1 have enjoyed their key worker time, exploring nursery rhymes as a link to lots of different learning. They have been listening to stories, counting, constructing and sharing their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

We have started our PE sessions, working on balancing and movement. We can hop, skip and gallop. Importantly, we have shown that we can listen carefully and follow instructions to make sure that we are safe.

We have now voted for our new themes after half term, based on the children’s interests: Superheroes, Dinosaurs and Toys!

Half-term Home-link Challenges

F2- Please help us build up our role play area by using your ‘fiddly fingers’ to wrap up an empty box (in Christmas or any other style wrap) and add a label (included with the weekly up-date sent home) of what is inside and how much it costs. Please encourage your child to sound out their words and write the label independently.

F1- Please draw either a superhero picture or a picture of a toy for our toy shop. Please write down on the drawing exactly what your child has said about their writing in their own words.

Most importantly: have fun! Have a wonderful half term, Foundation 🙂 See you on 05 November.




Parent Partnership

Posted on Wednesday 17 October 2018 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

Thank you to those parents who were able to stay at the end of the school day for our Parent Partnership meeting. We hope that you found the session informative and we look forward to hearing more about those learning and ‘wow’ moments at home.

If you were unable to make the session today, please do come and have a chat with us about the ways you can share your child’s learning from home.

Thank you for your support.

Parent reminder

The Yorkshire Evening Post will be delivering copies of the special newspaper edition (new school starters), featuring the class photo of Foundation 2 this Monday 22nd October 2018. If you have not yet ordered a copy, they will be available to buy from the school office at the special discounted  rate of 62p.

Noah’s Ark and Harvest Festival

Posted on Saturday 13 October 2018 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

This week in Foundation, our focus was the Bible story of Noah’s Ark.

The children produced story maps, using all of their new phonics skills to label them with the parts of the story. We also painted some beautiful rainbows and animals to add to a special display we will be creating in the school corridor, next to our library.

In maths, we completed our work on the focus number 2 by creating “pairs” of animals to board Noah’s Ark! We explored different representations of the number.

The children have also been learning about Harvest Festival. At the end of last week, we harvested our own haricot beans from Spring-time planting.

We used this as a starting point to discuss fruit and vegetables that grow from the Earth and how we use Harvest time to give thanks to God and those who work on the land, for the food we eat. The children made posters to display their understanding of the importance of Harvest time. In our music session, we learnt a Harvest song about a special machine used to harvest crops:

Ask your child if they can sing you the song they have learnt this week.

Important reminders:

Parent partnership meeting: Takes place this Wednesday, 17 October 3.15-3.45. We hope to see many of you there and look forward to discussing ways you can share your child’s achievements both at school and at home.

Early Years Pupil Premium form: Could all forms be completed and returned to school this week. A reminder text message was sent out. If you need a new copy please ask.

PE Kit: PE takes place on a Thursday and began this week.  Please provide a named kit of shorts and t-shirt. Thank you for the kits already in school.

Wellies and outdoor coats: Please ensure your child has a rain-proof coat in school every day. We also suggest having a pair of wellies in school, if possible. We love to explore our outdoor area in all weathers!

Thank you for your support and co-operation.

Reading Workshop

Posted on Tuesday 09 October 2018 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

Thank you again to the parents who made it to our Phonics and Early Reading Workshop on the 25th September. For those who were  unable to attend, please click on the link below to view the presentation shown at the meeting;

St James Early Reading

As always, please do ask if you have any questions and we will be happy to support you. If you did attend the workshop, please send feedback responses as soon as possible. This will help us to determine what went well and to tailor future parent meetings where necessary.

A reminder that our next session for parents will be our Parent Partnership Meeting- Wednesday 17th October 3.15-3.45pm.

Please return the slips sent home last week, to confirm your attendance.

Thank you.

Reflection Time; Friendship

Posted on Sunday 23 September 2018 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

Friday afternoons are a special time in Foundation. Although we reflect on our values and share our thoughts throughout the school week, we set aside a quiet time on a Friday afternoon to have circle time in our school Reflection Area. Recently, we’ve been thinking about Friendship. 

We ensure that we are respecting our friends as they talk by using our talking hedgehog. We take turns: the person holding the hedgehog is the speaker and we listen as they share their thoughts and ideas.

We’ve thought about what it is to be a good friend and reflected on the qualities our friends have. We have spoken about why our friends are special to us. During reflection time, we have made dough representations of our friends and  in the classroom we have created a display of our friends through paper doll portraits.

Fostering friendships is so vital at school. Friendships can boost confidence, help children feel safe and secure and even support learning through co-operative play. It has been wonderful to see continued and new friendships blossoming during these first few weeks at school – friendships that will enhance the children’s enjoyment of their time at school this year and in the years to come.

Making Moves!

Posted on Saturday 15 September 2018 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

Here in Foundation, one of the prime areas of learning is physical development. 

The learning in this area focuses on a child’s independence with regards to their own health and safety and has important links to other areas of learning. Here are just a few  of the lovely examples from this week of how physical development is supported and enjoyed in our classroom and outdoor area:

Listening to music, playing instruments and dancing in the Movement Play area. Strengthens muscles and develops balance and co-ordination. Has links to Expressive Arts.
Using fine motor skills to pick up small loose-parts, when creating a transient art picture. Strengthens finger muscles. Has links to Expressive Arts and having our own ideas.
Practising a range of ball games to strengthen muscles and develop co-ordination and agility.
Climbing and jumping from the half-tyre. Strengthens muscles and develops co-ordination. Has links to perseverance and managing safe risks.


In the classroom we have our fiddly fingers, malleable (dough table) and mark-making spaces. These all focus on using small movements that strengthen the muscles of the wrists, hands and fingers.

Well done, Foundation- another busy week with great examples of independent learning.

Fabulous Foundation!

Posted on Saturday 08 September 2018 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

This week we’ve welcomed back our returners moving from F1 into F2 and made some new friends! We’ve made a fabulous start to the year with happy faces, smart uniforms and busy learning. Our little learners jumped straight back into their favourite activities, as well as exploring the new areas we have on offer this year.

The story shed has been a new addition to our outside area; a cosy new space to read books and magazines, tell stories and make-marks.

We also have a new water station next to our mud kitchen, to make all sorts of wonderful potions and mixtures, which has been very popular during our first few sessions.

It makes us so proud to see how settled and content the children are in the classroom, both returners and new pupils.

Please remember that although your children have settled well, we welcome you into the classroom each morning to share some learning with your child and explore the activities on offer in the classroom. This year we have some new additions in the classroom, just for you parents and carers;

Join your child at the ‘Learn with me’ activity in the classroom- a teacher-free zone! A new activity will be placed here each week, for you to complete alongside your child. Our ‘Parents as partners’ board in the classroom is for you to share great examples of learning at home. You can also email us photos and descriptions of your child’s learning at home. Please send these to:

This half term we’ll be theming our learning around ‘Becoming a story-teller’, using traditional tales as a basis for learning across the classroom. As always, we will also use the children’s interests and ideas to tailor our activities.

We look forward to sharing this year of learning with you.