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W/C 30 March 2020: F1 Home Learning

Posted on Monday 30 March 2020 by Mrs Wood

Day 1
Phonics- Voice Sounds

Use your voice to create some sound effects. Can you make a sound like a ticking clock or a doorbell? Listen to sounds you can hear around your home – can you make a sound just like them using your mouth?
Activity- Number Hunt
Go on a number hunt around your house. What numbers can you see? You could look at your door number, on food packets, on clocks, in magazines or books. You could use a phone or tablet to take photos of the numbers to find. Make sure you ask your adult first!

Day 2
Phonics- Enlivening stories
Sing nursery rhymes with you child. Use role-play, props and repeated sounds to enliven it, for example acting out:
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall (bump, crash, bang!)
All the King’s horses and all the King’s men (gallop, gallop, gallop)
Couldn’t put Humpty together again (boo, hoo, boo, hoo, boo, hoo).
Activity- Spring into Spring!
During Spring, lots of animals have their babies. Find out the names of these baby animals: pig, sheep and duck. You could use the internet with an adult to help you find out. Can you find any interesting facts about these animals?
Day 3
Phonics- Rhyming soup
Make a ‘Silly Soup’ with your child. Use a bowl and spoon as props to act out the song. You can use rhyming objects or pictures. If you do not have these, just pretend to put things in your bowl. Allow your child to choose an object to put in the soup. Sing the first part of the song to the tune of ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’:
I’m making lots of silly soup
I’m making soup that’s silly
I’m going to cook it in the fridge
To make it nice and chilly
In goes… a fox… a box… some socks.
Activity- Farm Cutting Sheet
With adult supervision, cut around the shapes to practise your cutting skills. Make sure you use your scissors in a safe way. You could practise your cutting skills by just simply making snips in other pieces of paper.

Day 4
Phonics- Initial Sound Hunt

Go on a letter sound hunt! Look around your house and find things beginning with the same letter sound. Can you find 3 things beginning with ‘t’? What other letters can you choose?

Activity- Name Writing
Can you recognise your name?
Practise writing your name. You could use a pencil, pen, paintbrush or even your finger! Support your child by demonstrating. You can write it small or big. If you can write your name, you could practise your second name or other words which are important to you. For example: mummy, daddy or sibling’s names.

Day 5
Phonics- Environment Sounds
Make a collection of your own noise makers. Think about lots of different things that make a sound and gather them together in a box or a bag. Use one of your objects to make a sound for an adult to guess and identify. You could include things like crisp packets, keys, coins in a pot, a rattle or a squeaky toy. Take turns at who guesses the sound.
Activity- Star Biscuits
Use the instruction sheet to make some star biscuits. If you do not have a star cutter you could make a different shape. Encourage your child to help measure the ingredients. Can they recognise any numbers? Don’t forget! Make sure you wash your hands.

Enjoy family time this weekend! Don’t forget to send pictures of any adventures and activities you have enjoyed together.

If you have any questions we are here to help and will respond to emails in school hours.


30 March 2020: Home learning

Posted on Monday 30 March 2020 by Mrs Wood

Words to read:

Words to Write: hurt, land, trust, chair

Phonics Activity: Twinkl- Draw a line to match the polysyllabic word with the picture (see page 15 in your pack)

Was your child able to blend the four daily words today?
Remember, your child could use their ‘phoneme fingers’ to help them when reading words.

Literacy Activity – Get Cooking!
Help to prepare some food. You could bake a cake or help prepare dinner!
Afterwards, write a set of instructions which explains how you made the food. Don’t forget to write your instructions in a numbered list!
If you need any ideas take a look at BBC Good Food.

Did your child help you cook or bake today?
Did they write any instructions?
Please email us any photos and comments – it would be great to see them cooking/baking!

Maths Activity
Twinkl- Subitising:
If you have access to the internet, watch the Jack Hartmann, Subitize Rock video on youtube. Guess quickly the quantity you can see! Did you get it right? If you are not online, ask an adult to draw dots on a piece of paper and say how many you can see!

 Please send us any photos or learning!

If you have any questions we are here to help and will respond to emails in school hours.

A message from your teachers…

Posted on Friday 27 March 2020 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

Home Learning Heroes!…

Posted on Friday 27 March 2020 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

Look at the fantastic learning at home this week, from three members of Foundation Class…. You are our Home Learning Heroes! We are so proud of you. Thank you to the parents who have been sending in lovely messages, photographs and learning observations.

If you would like to make it onto the ‘Home Learning Heroes’ wall next week, please keep sending in your pictures, questions and comments:

27 March 2020: Home Learning

Posted on Friday 27 March 2020 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

Get Crafty!

Use the paper plate in your pack to make a Spring time animal or picture; perhaps you could make a chick or add some cotton balls to make a sheep? Use your imagination to get crafty! If you do not have bits to add and stick, you could draw an Easter picture onto your plate.

Did your child make a model with recycled items? It would be great to see a photo of it! Please email us – including any comments from your child:

Literacy Activity

Use the laminated letter formation sheet handed out at parent’s evening and your whiteboard pen to practise writing each letter of the alphabet.

Letters that are often difficult are s,b,d,e and a. Encourage your child to practise these.

Maths Activity

Numicon Addition: Fill in the answers on the sheet (write the number)- See page 13 of Home Learning pack.

Can your child count on to find the answer?

If you have any questions we are here to help and will respond to emails in school hours.

26 March 2020: Home learning

Posted on Thursday 26 March 2020 by Mrs Allen-Kelly


Words to Read:

Words to Write:  plan, trip, grab, sniff

Phonics Activity: Play Phase 4 Phonics snakes and Ladders (see page 11 of home learning pack) with an adult or a friend. You will need a die (if you do not have one you could search for ‘virtual dice’ online, or on your phone) Roll the die and read the word you land on. Go up the ladders and down the snakes. Who will be first to the finish?!

Did you play snakes and ladders today? Was your child able to spot any digraphs and trigraphs? Here are some great videos from MrThorne about digraphs and trigraphs.

The snakes and ladders games are from an educational resource website called Twinkl. Twinkl are offering parents and carers free access to thousands of resources, so you can select your own activities based on your child’s interests too.

Literacy Activity

Brenda’s Boring Egg

We have been looking after our chick eggs in class and this story is all about hatching some feathery babies too!…

If you have access to the internet, you can download the story at:

Can you hear the rhyming words? Perhaps you could make a list of them. What was the special message in the story? Could you draw and decorate your own special egg- write sentences about what you think your baby duck would look like when it hatches. Don’t forget to make it exciting by adding lots of adjectives!

Can your child tell you the life cycle of a chicken? Please email us your child’s comments:

Maths Activity

Addition (Counting On)

Ask your grown up to challenge you with different quantities.


Ask your grown up to challenge you with different quantities.

How did you find making number stories for your child? Here are some ideas of number problems you could ask your child (click the link)

Number problems

If you have any questions we are here to help and will respond to emails in school hours.

A Big Thank You!

Posted on Thursday 26 March 2020 by Mrs Wood

Thank you to the parents who have been sending us pictures. It has been lovely to see what you’ve been up to!

Here are some examples of what some of our Foundation 2 children have been up to this week.







Phase 2 and Phase 3 Sounds

Posted on Wednesday 25 March 2020 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

Good Morning Parent Partners,

We hope you are all staying safe and well.

I have created this slide show video for anyone who is still unsure how the phonemes should sound, or anyone who has been unable to find a suitable video.

I have said the sounds twice each time and given the different ways the sounds can be voiced (th, oo)

I hope this helps- please let us know if you would like any other phonics support.



Quick Reminder!

Posted on Wednesday 25 March 2020 by Mrs Wood

Please don’t forget to email us any pictures of your home learning. We would love to see how you’ve been getting on and what you’ve been up to!

The weather is glorious today!
Make sure you get out in your garden and see what you can find.
You could change the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ to ‘We’re Going on a Bug Hunt!’

Read! Read! Read!

Remember to keep reading lots of books on a daily basis.
Here are some suggestions from Book Trust.




25 March 2020: Home learning

Posted on Wednesday 25 March 2020 by Mrs Allen-Kelly


Words to read:

Tricky words-  (All current tricky words can be found in your word passports)

Words to Write:

melt, fact, golf, jump

Phonics Activity:

Write the caption (Adult to read aloud);

I must not tramp on the flowers.

Children may use the phoneme frame on page 9 if needed.

Tricky words! Ask your child what is a tricky word? “A tricky word is a word you can’t sound out. You just have to know it.”

You can sing the songs for all the tricky words here.


Literacy Activity

Look through a book. Can you find any words with more than six letters? What is the longest word you can find?

What book did you use to search for words today? Did your child have a favourite word that they found?

Maths Activity

3d Shape Detectives!

Can you remember the name of these shapes? What do you know about 3d shapes?


Have a look around your home. Can you find anything that is the same as one of these 3d shapes?


Did you go on a hunt for shapes today? What did your child find? Please email any photos or comments to:

It is great when we get direct quotes from children. This helps us gain a holistic view of your child’s learning journey.

If you have any questions we are here to help and will respond to emails in school hours.