Reception Class News

Snack time in Foundation

Posted on Tuesday 26 February 2019 by Mrs Valentine

If you didn’t already know – Foundation is all about space!

Take a peak in our classroom to check out what your child will be learning about in the coming weeks.

During snack time, we had space fruit (OK – fruit wrapped in tinfoil). Unwrapping our fruit is a great way to improve our fine motor skills and the children were adamant that space fruit tastes different to normal fruit!

We also spent time watching how astronauts aboard the ISS do daily tasks like brushing their teeth.  The children were fascinated by the effect of no gravity.

Be sure to chat to your child about what they’re getting up to!


Foundation goes to… Space!

Posted on Sunday 24 February 2019 by Mrs Valentine

At the end of last half term, the children expressed an interest in learning about space. Image result for you choose in space

So to kick off our space theme, we’ll be reading Nick Sherratt and Pippa Goodhart’s You Choose in Space.  The You Choose books are great – the choices the children will make will create a different story each time.

You Choose in Space will promote good speaking and listening skills when deciding where we will go, what we will wear, what will make etc. Our maths learning will also be considered when choosing the most popular or least popular options.

Be sure to ask your child about this week’s book. I wonder if they could make their own at home…

Home learning link

Posted on Wednesday 20 February 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

We hope you are all having a lovely half term.

Just a little reminder that our new topic will be SPACE! Our home-learning link is to make a rocket from bottles, boxes and other used packaging. Adding labels would be even better!

Be sure to send any photos of this, or other activities and outings to:

Thank you.

Outdoor Phonics

Posted on Saturday 16 February 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

After a chilly and frosty morning yesterday, we were blessed with glorious sunshine all afternoon 🙂 We took our phonics session outside and had some fun in the sun…

A special mention this time for L and R! Check out L’s fantastic jolly phonics action and how well R is emphasising his sound…

We moved on to chalk writing, practising how to form our letters correctly. Look at our fantastic concentration!…

What a lovely last day- Well done Foundation!

Staying Safe: Wetherby Fire Station

Posted on Friday 08 February 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

It was 2 pm on a regular Friday afternoon in Foundation, when what should we see slowly making its way past the school fence on Hallfield Lane but a big, red, shiny…. “Fire engine!” (shouted the children)

We were so excited to explore it! The children were able to climb into the cab and look at the special protective clothing, the camera that can see through smoke, the breathing equipment and more.

Around the back of the engine, the children were fascinated by the large hoses, axes and other tools that help the firefighters do their job.

When we got back into the classroom, we were super impressed with all of the facts that Foundation could remember.

Ask your child if they can tell you about one piece of equipment they saw on the fire engine.

The children described the experience today as “Amazing” and “Awesome”.



Staying Safe: PCSOs visit and D:Side Workshop

Posted on Thursday 07 February 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

PCSO visit

Yesterday, Foundation were visited by two local PCSOs who spoke to them about the dangers of strangers and how to respond should a stranger approach them. They also spoke to the children about what they should do if they became lost. Ask your child the important facts that they can remember from the visit.

After the talk, the children were excited to try on mini police uniforms!


Today, the children had another important workshop led by D:Side. The workshop covered staying safe around medicines (and who is safe to give them) understanding our emotions ; how we respond to our feelings and hygiene practises. They also spoke about the importance or getting a good night’s sleep, to keep our bodies fit and healthy.

Staying Safe: Dog’s Trust

Posted on Wednesday 06 February 2019 by Mrs Valentine

This afternoon, a visit from the Dog’s Trust meant that we learned loads about how to stay safe around dogs.

We talked about what we should do if there was a dog we wanted to stroke. It’s important to always ask the owner permission to stroke their dog and to stroke the dog gently – we practised this with Peg the dog. Thankfully, Peg was only a cuddly toy – Mrs Valentine is super scared of dogs!

In addition, we were told what to do if a dog came up to us who was over-excited. We had to stand with our arms across our chest, looking up to the sky – this makes us really boring and the over excited dog will soon get bored of us!

Be sure to ask your child about how we can stay safe around dogs!

Lilly, Tia and Ralph showed superb listening skills during our talk with The Dog’s Trust – nice one!

Staying Safe: Road Safety

Posted on Monday 04 February 2019 by Mrs Valentine

This morning, the road safety team from Leeds City Council came to visit us to tell us all about crossing roads safely and how important it is to always wear a seat belt.

It was great to see that so many of the children already knew lots of ways to stay safe on the roads – nice one, Foundation and Y1 & 2!

We thought about the different vehicles that use a road.
We talked about the importance of crossing a road at a safe place and always with an adult. Noah said it was a good idea to hold hands with the adult you were crossing the road with – great advice!



Posted on Sunday 03 February 2019 by Mrs Valentine

Image result for easy peasyIt’s great to see so many parents engaging with the activities with Easy Peasy.  Mrs Beesley, Mrs Allen-Kelly and I monitor the use of this so it’s lovely to see the learning that goes on at home!

If you’re unsure about how best to access Easy Peasy, please do come in and ask or be ready with your questions at your child’s upcoming parents’ evening appointment.

The Hundred Decker Bus

Posted on Sunday 03 February 2019 by Mrs Valentine

Check out our own ‘Hundred Decker Bus’ we made this week!

As part of our topic on Transport, we were inspired by Mike Smith’s The Hundred Decker Bus so we decided to create our own.

OK – it doesn’t quite have one hundred decks (18 to be precise) but there is one deck for each member of Foundation! Be sure to come into our classroom to have a closer look so that you can quiz your child about their deck of the bus. We had some fab ideas: a deck with a swimming pool, a deck with a burger bar and a deck with rainbow!

Next week is sure to be a very busy one as we join the rest of the school in Safety Week. We’ll be learning about road safety with the NSPCC, how to approach dogs with a visit from the Dog’s Trust and all about fire safety when Wetherby Fire Station come to visit on Friday afternoon.