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Home-link Challenge w/c: 9 December 2019

Posted on Saturday 07 December 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

F2 Children

Please practise letter formation/ handwriting.

Using the sheets we have previously sent home with phrases to say and follow for formation will help.

Some particularly tricky graphemes to write are: e, f, g, k (with a loop), q, w, y.

Common reversals (facing the graphemes the wrong way) to practise are: a, b/d/p, j

Please encourage your child to use a pencil as this requires additional physical skills such as the correct pressure to apply and pencil grip.

F1 Children 

Strengthening your child’s writing and fine motor skills can be through picture drawing or drawing a pattern for your child to follow. Like the examples below:

Please encourage your child to engage with one of these activities at home. Marks can be made using pencils, felt tips, chalk, paint- anything that leaves a mark!

Another busy week in Foundation!

Posted on Friday 06 December 2019 by Mrs Wood


In maths our focus number is number 6. F2 children used the Numicon to make 6 in different ways. We have also been making up number stories using the polar animals. We are going to continue this learning next week.


We try to make phonics fun and active for the children. This week we played Musical Blending. The children dance around and when the music stops they jump on a CVC word and blend it. This is a simple game you can play at home!

One of the challenges this week was to paint an icy picture using their fingers. The children mixed white and blue to make different shades of blue.

The Gingerbread Man

Posted on Wednesday 04 December 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

“Run, run, as fast as you can…”

This week, Foundation are learning the story of The Gingerbread Man. We started the week by learning our new story with actions for re-telling, before F2 created their own story maps.

We have used the tale in Maths to think about ordinal language (first, second, third etc), by ordering  when each character is met in the story.

Today we made our very own gingerbread men. We looked at the recipe on the computer and followed it step by step as a class, taking turns to add ingredients and mix them (after washing our hands of course!) We then all rolled our own piece of dough, used the cutters to make the shape and later decorated them once baked. We used so many skills…

  • Listening and understanding.
  • Getting information from print, linking to technology and reading.
  • Careful measurements.
  • Fine motor skills; rolling, pressing, mixing.
  • Choosing our own way to do things when decorating (characteristic of effective learning)
  • Health and self-care; hygiene practices when handling food.

and best of all, we got a yummy treat at the end of it!

F2 followed their baking by writing some instructions for others to follow should they wish to make their own gingerbread man.

Ask your child how to make a gingerbread man.

If you do make one at home, just be careful he doesn’t try to run away!

Community Week

Posted on Saturday 30 November 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

We have had a great week thinking about our local and school communities, about the people who keep us safe and look after us and about our own personal identities.

Some of the people who work in our school community shared the work that they do with Foundation…

Children shared their favourite places from their local community…

and their special items that identify them and make them unique…

and we had a special, exciting visit from Wetherby Fire Station where we asked lots of questions and got to explore the fire engine! We are so grateful for the people who keep us safe in our community.

We have learnt to value and be proud of the places and people in our community this week. Thank you to everyone who makes our community the wonderful place it is.

Fun, fun and more fun in Foundation!

Posted on Thursday 28 November 2019 by Mrs Wood

Community Week

As part of Identity week in school, Foundation have been thinking about our school community and the people who work here. On Wednesday, all Foundation children went out in groups to help  Mr Atkins and talk about the work he does in school and how he keeps us safe.

Mrs Walshaw is visiting Foundation tomorrow to discuss her role in school and what she does to help us.

Fantastic Learning!

This week, Foundation have all shown an interest in books. They have enjoyed reading with adults, on their own and in groups which is marvellous to see. Encourage your child to read a range of things at home. This can be non-fiction, fiction, labels and magazines.

In the construction area, a group of children worked together to create an amazing model! They showed great enthusiasm when sharing and listening to ideas.

The F2 children went on a phonics hunt. This involved the children working together to find pictures around the classroom and match them with the CVC words. The children did some fantastic segmenting and blending!

The F1 children have had a great week exploring the movement area. A group of children used the musical instruments to play games and sing songs. In their key worker time, they have played counting games, tuned into different sounds and listened to stories.

Have you seen the new area in the classroom?

The role play area has turned into Santa’s Workshop – a popular area this week! The children have loved wrapping presents and writing labels to help Santa.

Christmas Production – this isn’t one to miss!

Foundation have been very busy practising the Christmas production. The children are very excited to perform on stage and show off their amazing singing!

Home-Link Challenge

It’s December on Sunday – Christmas is nearly here!
Visiting Santa in the next few weeks?
Bring in or send us a photo.

Write a letter to Santa with your child. Encourage them to do this independently and use their amazing phonic knowledge.
Draw a picture for Santa.
What will you draw for him?

Meerkats and More!…

Posted on Saturday 23 November 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

This week, we have been focusing on the story Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett. The story encouraged some great discussion about habitats, maps, travel and days of the week. F2 wrote their own postcards to someone they know, using their imaginations to pretend they had gone on their travels.

F1 have been practising their Maths, Phonics and Language skills in their key worker time. One way we are encouraging the children to broaden their vocabulary, is through discussions on selected pictures taken from We call these sessions ‘Picture Talk’. The website is a great way to explore language and understanding both at school and at home as it is full of interesting and unusual imagery.

Have a go at discussing one of the pictures with your child and let us know how it goes- what did they say? what features did they notice?

The VERY wet weather has made it a little tricky to put out some of our outdoor activities this week but fab Foundation always find ways to explore and learn no matter what the weather is doing. This week we have enjoyed using powder paint to paint the puddles and paths- great for our gross motor skills!In our reflection time on Friday, we thought about our Living and Learning Statement: I know we’re all the same and we’re all different. We spoke about our similarities and differences and how to respect and value each other even if we are different or have different likes and interests. This discussion also links to the British Values of tolerance and respect.

Talk to your child about how they are the same and different to their friends.

Home-Link Challenge

Next week is Community Week at St. James’.

We would like Foundation to join the rest of the school by taking a photo in their local area of Wetherby, somewhere recognisable for their friends to guess where they are! Please bring in or email your photo to the EYFS email address.

Please also bring in just one special item that is important to your child or unique to them, for identity day.

Thank you.


A very important week…

Posted on Saturday 16 November 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

This week has covered many important topics:

Remembrance Monday

The children were shown an animation explaining why we wear poppies and took part in a discussion. We have been painting poppy fields which are now displayed in the window by our water tray. Thank you to the families that worked together to create poppy pictures and models at home, for our home-link challenge.

Anti-Bullying Week- Odd Socks Tuesday

On Tuesday, we wore odd socks to celebrate our differences and to show we respect each other. We spoke about this during our Living and Learning circle time, about what bullying looks like and what we should do to STOP it.


Bullying is: S Several  T times  O on  P purpose

We should: S Start  T telling  O other  P people

Well done to Lily who received the Living and Learning certificate for sharing some important facts, such as “You should tell a teacher” 

Children in Need Friday

Wow!- what generous children and parents we have! Thank you so much for all of your donations, taking part in non-uniform day and bringing in or making cakes for our bun sale.

We started the day by sitting down and talking through the important work Children in Need do, through the website’s Early Years- friendly presentation. We also had some Pudsey fun painting and dot-to-dots to choose.


What else have we been up to?

PE Thursdays- In our first half term, the children have shown they can find a safe space in the hall, hop, skip, gallop and side step to travel. This half term we are working on small-base balancing and jumping in direction including jump-turns.







Physical Development at lunch time- In Early Years, we think of developmental aspects that support children both in and outside of the classroom. A really tricky self-care and fine motor skill is the ability to cut up our food. We are encouraging all of the children to ‘have a go’ at cutting their food before helping and we are already seeing huge development in their confidence and ability to do so.

Please continue encouraging your child to ‘have a go’ at cutting their food at home. 

Here is some great food-cutting in action!

Phonics Superhero- Each day we have started to choose a ‘Phonics Superhero’ who has wowed us with their skills. They get to dress up in a special cape and mask for the rest of the day!A very muddy Friday- Our class really love the  mud! The more rain and muddy puddles the better. This week’s muddy collaboration was to build “a swimming pool for the ants and caterpillars” This sparked some good conversation about how deep the water could be for it to be safe for a small insect. We will carry this interest into next week and do some fact finding to answer our questions.Home-Link Challenge

F2- This week the children were introduced to 3d shapes. Can you find an object or package around the home that is a 3d shape we can put on our display?

F1- Please bring in or email a photo of your weekend, whether you are at home or out and about. We will use the pictures for our ‘talk-time’ key-worker session.

Thank you.

Well Done!

Posted on Thursday 14 November 2019 by Mrs Wood

Well done to Freddie, Chloe and Leo for their amazing home-link challenges this week!
We were very impressed with your creations.

 Keep sharing your lovely home learning moments with us.


Fiddly Fingers Stay and Play

Posted on Wednesday 13 November 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

What a wonderful Stay and Play we had after school. So lovely to see families playing and learning together. Thank you to our parent partners who came today.

Check out all of the fine motor skills we have used this evening…

This week in Foundation…

Posted on Friday 08 November 2019 by Mrs Wood

Our first week back in Foundation has been packed full of learning! It’s great to see that the children have come back ready to learn with fantastic attitudes. The children have loved exploring the new role play baskets in the home corner. We’ve seen hairdressers, doctors, vets and firemen!

This week our focus story has been Dear Zoo.

All the children in Foundation are able to retell the story using our amazing ‘Talk for Writing’ actions! F2 children changed some of the animals to create their own versions. Some children even changed the title to ‘Dear Farm.’ Take a look in their writing books to see their fabulous story maps!

F2 children have now learnt all Phase 2 phonics sounds and are moving on to Phase 3. It’s really important that children pronounce ‘pure sounds’ when practising and using their phonics in reading and writing.

This week the children did so well at getting changed for PE -independently!
All children in Foundation need a PE kit in school for PE on Mondays.

Don’t forget!
Fiddly Fingers stay and play at 3:15pm on Wednesday 13 November.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Home-Link Challenge

Remembrance Sunday

On Monday, during carpet time we will be talking about the importance of this day.
Talk to your child about Remembrance Sunday.
You could even draw a picture or make a poppy for us to display in the classroom.