Reception Class News


Posted on Thursday 20 June 2019 by

Today in craft club,  we made pencil top characters. We used pipe cleaners and googley eyes to bring our characters to life. Take a look at our creations!

Our exciting day

Posted on Thursday 13 June 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

Two special things happened in Foundation today!

F2 and F1 children going up to F2 in September have enjoyed their first session with North Leeds Gymnastics. We have learnt some new floor positions…

The ‘Tuck’
The ‘Pike’
The ‘Straddle’

and we demonstrated some great travelling movements, inspired by animals:

The ‘Crab’
The ‘Bunny’
The ‘Snake’

We can’t wait to try even more next Thursday!

Our second piece of exciting news, is that our competition entries in the book ‘My First Riddle’, have finally been published. Any orders for books have arrived and we will proudly have a copy of the book on display in the classroom too.

Craft Club- Our Superheroes!

Posted on Thursday 13 June 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

*W A R N I N G* any super Dads or Grandads reading this, should look away now!…

In honour of Father’s Day this Sunday, today we decorated some sweet treats for our very own superheroes- our Dads and Grandads. We hope they enjoy their creations and special messages.

It’s Summer 2!

Posted on Saturday 08 June 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

Welcome to Summer 2

Welcome back to our very final half term of the school year!

Our fluffy chick friends have gone to their home on the farm but word has spread about how good Foundation are at looking after creatures and helping them grow! When we came in on Monday we noticed that we have some new visitors – our very own caterpillars!  We look forward to observing how they grow and change over the next three weeks.

We will be looking at more weird and wonderful minibeasts over the next few weeks as F2 build up to our exciting trip to Tropical World.

To introduce the children to the life cycle of butterflies, our focus story is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have been writing lists of foods, recording the life cycle of a butterfly and creating food diaries linked to our new story.

In maths, F2 have continued working on teen numbers; representing them on tens frames, making our own number lines, ordering and saying one more and one less.  

Outside, we have taken inspiration from the children’s interests and have some pirate themed activities- buried treasure, sorting word coins, map making and more!

Home-Link Challenge

Can you find a minibeast fact to share with the class?

 Use a search engine on a computer, tablet or ipad or use a non-fiction book to find your information. You can pick any minibeast you like!

Parent Reminders

We are having a lot of issues with lost items in class again- particularly cardigans. This is a frequent reminder- we cannot stress enough how important it is to name all school uniform. It is a very difficult task to locate lost items with no name. Thank you to those who have named their uniform.

Letters have gone out this week for our school trip on 26th June. Please return forms and payments as soon as possible and by 14th June at the latest.

If your child is in F1 and will be moving into F2 (Reception year) in September, there is a parents meeting in The Hub next Wednesday 12th June at 3.00pm.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Craft Club- Jewellery

Posted on Thursday 23 May 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

This week in Craft Club, we looked at jewellery artists and their work before creating our own gold and silver threaded masterpieces!

We created necklaces, bracelets and even a fancy modern ring. Some of us even found time to create a jewellery box at the end.

We are pleased to announce that Craft Club will return next half term. Watch this space for more creations!

Art that POPS!

Posted on Thursday 16 May 2019 by

In craft club this week, we have been looking at Pop art. Our favourite art was by Roy Litchtenstein who used dots to create a cartoon look. Take look at our superb creations.

Welcome to the world…

Posted on Wednesday 15 May 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

The long wait is over… this morning our first fluffy friend was born, followed by another after school (A nice surprise for the morning- we will keep our fingers crossed for even more!)

Foundation were in awe of our first little chick, making some lovely observations and watching it closely.

We have been talking about what the chicks will need to help them grow and took votes on what we should name them….

Introducing Chickee and Shimmer 🙂

Craft Club- Self Portraits

Posted on Thursday 09 May 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

This week in Craft Club, we looked at the self-portraits of Pablo Picasso. We compared his earlier realistic self-portraits with the later abstract images.

The crafters then chose how they wanted to represent their own self-portraits. We selected from felt tips, colouring pencils and oil pastels. We used mirrors to make sure we captured all of our features.

When we had finished, we turned the self portraits into stick puppets!

We then presented our self-portraits in a mini puppet show; telling the audience whether we had chosen a realistic or abstract style. We also shared something that we like or enjoy.

Next week, Miss Pyart will continue our self-portrait work, with a focus on Pop-Art.

Well done Crafters 🙂


Craft Club- Art in Nature!

Posted on Thursday 02 May 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

This week in Craft Club, we have continued our Andy Goldsworthy inspired art in nature.

We made our own ‘paintbrushes’ using natural objects we collected outside. We then used our paintbrushes to paint some self-portraits using mud as our paint!

Afterwards, the children worked together in a team to create a picture using natural objects- they decided on a ‘sea’ scene and had some fab ideas to include. We had starfish, mermaids, clams with pearls, seaweed, fish and coral! Great work crafters! 🙂



Funky Phonics!

Posted on Wednesday 01 May 2019 by Mrs Allen-Kelly

Thank you to the parents who attended our second ‘Funky Phonics’ session of the year this evening.

I had a lovely time catching up with each of you individually, to talk about your child’s reading and writing.

We really appreciate our parent partners here at St. James’. Thank you for encouraging your children in their learning, by enjoying time in the classroom with them 🙂