Year 5 & 6 Class News

Diary Writing

Posted on Tuesday 21 September 2021 by Mrs Valentine

In our writing lessons, we’ve been learning about all the things that make a great diary entry-Leah’s writing today is an awesome example of WAGOLL (what a good one looks like!)

You’ll find all sorts of technical stuff-fronted adverbials, fab adjectives, emotive language, capitals all in the right places as well as being in the first person.

Nice one, Leah! Keep up the hard work! 👍😁⭐️


Posted on Tuesday 21 September 2021 by Mrs Valentine

The first postcards of the year are written and stamped and ready to go in the post box.

Throughout the year, your child might achieve something significant, continue to show a fantastic learning attitude or just generally be an all round great member of our class – for these reasons (and many others, I’m sure!) a postcard will be written and sent to their home address.

I’ve written six so far… could there be one arriving through your letterbox?

Yep – that’s me as a bitmoji… 🤣

Livin’ on a Prayer!

Posted on Tuesday 21 September 2021 by Mrs Valentine

Today’s music lesson was EPIC! Year 5 & 6 learned one of the classics-Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin on a Prayer’.
I was totally surprised at what a tuneful bunch they are and their sensational efforts at the well known key change were memorable-I especially loved their signature ‘power grab’ at the end..!

I can’t wait to hear more as for the rest of this half term, we’ll be focussing on singing.
Awesome effort by all.

Peer mediator application

Posted on Monday 20 September 2021 by Miss Beatson

We are looking for Year 5 and 6 pupils who believe they would make a good peer mediator to help make St James’ C of E Primary School a happy and healthy place to achieve and believe, particularly during playtimes. The whole class have been given an application form and if they are interested in applying they need to complete the form by Friday 24 September.

This week’s bible story

Posted on Monday 20 September 2021 by Mrs Rowley

Zacchaeus is friends with Jesus: Luke 19: 1-10

In today’s story, we hear about a man called Zacchaeus. He had always been a loner. He had never had as much as one friend. Not surprising, really. He had lived most of his life as a cheat. It was easy. Just demand more money. That was the beauty of his job as a tax collector. People were a bit afraid of tax collectors. You would not want to get on the wrong side of a tax collector, especially one like Zacchaeus.

He was a small man, was Zacchaeus. Perhaps he was bullied or laughed at. Sometimes people get picked on by others – the tall ones, perhaps, or the short ones, or ones with straight hair, or ones with curly hair, or ones with the wrong clothes. People are certainly not born cheats.

Or perhaps Zacchaeus just thought that money could bring him happiness, or friends. Or maybe he was just a rogue!

One day Zacchaeus was out and about in the streets of Jericho. He heard people talking about Jesus. All excited, they were, that Jesus was going to be passing through their town that day. Read the story to find out what happened to Zacchaeus.

Zacchaeus was a man with a hard heart and no friends. We don’t know why, but Jesus cared for Zacchaeus. Jesus also believed that Zacchaeus had some good in him, if only he could be persuaded to change his ways. Zacchaeus mattered to Jesus, and Jesus’ friendship was able to change how Zacchaeus acted. Think about yourself and your friends. Are there any ways in which you can treat people that might help them to become friends?

Dear God,
Thank you that you know us and that you care for us.
Help us to be kind and generous to other people,
like Zacchaeus after he met Jesus.



Living & Learning – 8Rs for Learning

Posted on Monday 13 September 2021 by Mrs Valentine

During our Living & Learning lesson this week, we kicked off our learning about the 8Rs for learning. We recapped what each of the Rs stood for and took time to think of an occasion when we had used one of the Rs.

Jemima, Joe and Siana had some great ideas and showed how great they were at remembering.

Daisy, Harley and Leah could reflect well about a time when they had been resilient.

We wondered if there was one R that was more important than another so we ranked them according to importance. The children were all great at respecting each other’s opinions and had a super discussion about why they may have chosen a different R to be the most important than someone else in the class.

Excellent stuff, Team!

Welcome back!

Posted on Sunday 05 September 2021 by Miss Beatson

We are really looking forward to seeing all the children tomorrow and to find out what everyone has been doing over summer. It’s going to be a great year with lots of fun learning planned. Here are a few reminders and points about the year ahead:

  • This year in Years 5/6, Mrs Valentine will be teaching the class as well as Miss Beatson and Mr Mills.
  • We will be starting the school day at 8.50am again and finishing at 3.15pm.
  • Our PE days will be on Tuesdays and Fridays so make sure PE kit is worn to school on these days.
  • Please remember water bottles and coats.
  • Please remember to name all school uniform.

See you all tomorrow!

Junior Warrior

Posted on Saturday 10 July 2021 by Miss Beatson

Year 6 had a great time at Bramham Park completing the Junior Warrior challenge. It was an afternoon of fun, resilience, physical endurance and lots and lots of mud!!

Well done everyone!


DT: using a range of tools

Posted on Wednesday 07 July 2021 by Miss Beatson

Thank you to Mr Atkins who helped our class practise using different tools in preparation for making our vehicles for Eggy! We had a  discussion on how to use the tools safely and carefully.

Yeadon Tarn

Posted on Wednesday 07 July 2021 by Miss Beatson

Yesterday, we had a great time at Yeadon Tarn. In groups, we went onto a bell boat and paddled out into the middle of the lake to play some games. At the end, some of us jumped into the water- it was freeeeezing but so much fun!!